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Georgia is a transcontinental country based on the verge of Europe and Asia. Exotic and attractive, rich in nature and culture. Apparently, also becoming rich with exceptional and distinctive fashion designers. This spring Georgia was hosting even two fashion weeks – Tbilisi Fashion Week and Tbilisi Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The latter is a newest addition to the Georgian fashion scene officially putting Georgia on the international fashion map.

Tbilisi MBFW is organized by Sofia Tchkonia who is a key fashion figure in the country. Sofia is a founder of the international fashion showcase BeNext representing emerging fashion talents from Georgia, Ukraine and some other countries. She is attracting best local designers under one umbrella thus the first edition of Tbilisi MBFW was successful and has received a lot of international attention.

Fashion Bloc designer-friend Helen Przhonskaya from Ukraine was invited to take part in the 6 day event and agreed to share first-person impressions with Fashion Bloc.


Przhonskaya’s  team were pleased to be invited to participate in the first edition of the international fashion week in Tbilisi which was only open to industry’s professionals and media:

“This is an excellent opportunity to present your collection for a wide range of professionals”.

Helen prxhonskaya agrees with Fashion Bloc that Georgia’s fashion scene is quickly growing and has become an important addition to the European fashion map. According to Przhonskaya, Georgia’s fashion climate is similar to the fashion climate in Ukraine – rapidly growing with quality and distinctive designers but hasn’t reached it’s full potential just yet as an established global fashion world member.

Fashion Bloc will be following Ukrainian and Georgian fashion scenes as they keep growing to become the leaders of the Eastern European fashion map.


Besides Przhonskaya, two other Ukrainian designers were participating in Tbilisi MBFW – Atelier Kikala (Georgia) and Lake Studio (Ukraine). We are pleased to share some moments of their AW2015-2016 collections with Fashion Bloc readers and are looking forward to see them on board.