by Ieva Zu

The Fashion Bloc poster on the left is not an ordinary commercial. First of all, you can find it at one of London’ Underground stations (and help us map it by posting on social media with a hashtag #SeeAPosterHelpABusiness). Secondly, it’s an experiment for us – we haven’t been advertising on the #tube before. But most importantly – this beautiful picture designed by the Micro Loan Foundation is much more than just a poster.

When I was offered to get a poster while making a real difference helping a fellow female entrepreneur – I didn’t think twice. I personally know very well how challenging it is to take a business of the ground even with all possible technology and human help we have in the Western world.

I could only imagine how difficult it is to create and maintain a business in South African communities. Micro Loan Foundation has offered me and other female founders to help female business founders from Malawi and Zambia. By advertising our businesses we are actually helping real women with real problems to overcome the financial obstacles and start a sustainable businesses of their own.

Take, for example, Ileen, who’s been with this program for 10 years now. She was a 21-year-old girl living in a mud hut and she has now become a successful businesswoman selling chickens, pots, pans, and collaborating with other villagers to sell pigs. It helped her raise two young daughters and build a real home for her family. She’s set an example for her husband Dariskom.

Stories like this makes me thrive for success to be able to help others to succeed. #FemalePower, I must say.