Fashion Agency London

by Ieva Zu

This is not going to be an ordinary press release; potentially breaking some PR rules (but following my best intentions) I am going to summarise the event from my personal perspective.

Our mission.

Fashion Bloc has a mission to introduce and support best fashion talents from Eastern and Central Europe helping them reach the international audience. Using a language of Fashion we also aim to draw a realistic picture of the contemporary Europe and its fashion map.

Why did we do it? 

Fashion Bloc launch event was aimed at the fashion professionals, students, media and general public to introduce Fashion Bloc as a new fashion player in London supporting best fashion talents from Eastern and Central Europe.  Our online gallery was launched in late April this year and we wanted to give you an opportunity to meet us and see our designer works off-line.

How did we do it?

Many skipped dinners, missed weekends and sleeping hours, me and my small but precious support team (aka family and friends) came up with a visually pleasing and relatively affordable approach (Fashion Bloc is still at the pre-investment stage) to showcase the designers (18 designers from 7 countries). The concept was suggested by Lukas Valiauga and Justas Motuzas. The exhibition was set-up using photo light stands, foam insulation boards, a 2,4m x 2,4m photo wall and one huge helium balloon. Some small details added to all this and the result came out to be a great interactive exhibition (with models showcasing designer clothes) letting people download, see, touch and smell (in case of Tadam! jewellery) designer works.

The second and very important part of the event was a panel discussion. Panel was made of a bunch of bright minded people to whom I am extremely thankful (designer Natasha Zinko, Calvert Journal journalist Anastasiia Fedorova, i-D journalist Bojana Kozarevic, Not-Just-A-Label founder Stefan Siegel, D.Efect Press & Communications Manager Ausra Prasauskaite). We were talking Eastern European fashion designers, changing fashion demographics, London fashion scene and so much more that we could barely squeeze our fruitful discussion into a dedicated time slot.

What’s the feedback?

Fashion Bloc launch event was our first introduction and I regard it a great success – everyone involved told me they had a great time, many attendees were thanking me for the interesting content. I couldn’t be happier to have met your expectations.

How does it feel?

I hope I’m not being too personal here but I thought it would be healthy to draw a realistic picture for those who might be interested in the cooking methods not just a taste of the dish. I might be experiencing some sort of ‘post-launch’ blues and am having mixed feelings now. The event was live for 4 hours and seen by a couple of hundred people. The preparations have cost our family missed play-dates, no-romance-whatsoever evenings and a lot of stress.

This wouldn’t have been done without a great team I managed to source – from London College of Fashion students to models, photographers, beauty team, gallery set-up, front office and back office teams – my family and friends. This event wouldn’t have happened without my husband Paul – he was the back office, the front office, our team manager, constructions worker, gallery curator, my personal coach, our sons saviour (after our 6-months-old son started to vomit all over the place and I was running around with a puke-covered t-shirt 15 minutes prior the panel discussion), what’s not.

I personally feel a little guilty not being able to find the right words to express my gratitude to everyone involved. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

What’s next?

Come and visit Fashion Bloc – discover carefully selected fashion and news from new European destinations.


Ieva, founder of Fashion Bloc.