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Last Friday (23 October) Kaizo Hair studio in Shoreditch opened their door to the fashionable crowd of fashion bloggers and stylists to celebrate the official Fashion Bloc London launch in a private beauty and fashion feast.

Fashion Bloc collaborated with Kaizo team (steered by the super energetic business woman behind the wheel Yuka Ito) to create a special evening for our friends bloggers. Kaizo studio became an improvised fashion show backstage where our guests had their make-up done (our brave make-up artist Ana Ambrasaite was working tirelessly and with a smile regardless her not perfect health that night) and their hair styled by the Kaizo team (everyone could choose their own style). After the pampering session girls and boys changed to Fashion Bloc designer clothes (or chose Fashion Bloc designer accessories) and had their private photoshoots with our photographer Edek Goralski (the results of the sessions soon on Fashion Bloc).

The evening was spiced up with a lot of presents and giveaways. Special goody bags were filled with Eastern European designer and beauty products such as Laura Dailideniene ‘Daili’ pins, Silk Philosophy silk bracelets, Smart Booby colourful socks and natural beauty products by Uoga Uoga.

The guests were most excited about the special ‘live’ social media competition to win fantastic designer presents. Designers Agnes Ignacz, Undermyroof, Ramune Piekautaite and Tadam! contributed their fantastic products to be won by the attendees who had to post their photos on Social media with the desired gift (@Preppyfashionist Virgit received 200+ likes in several minutes after posting her photo with Undermyroof Suits Mini Shoulder Bag).

Everyone seemed to be having great fun and the evening could have evolved into a night rave party if not the time restrictions (maybe it was also related to the fact that Sippin rum and Bosca bubbly was never ending).

A photo gallery of smiles and beauty captured by Adam Mastroianni

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And all the guests! But that requires a separate post. Stay tuned!

Lots of Love,

Fashion Bloc team