They call it #ThursdayThrowback we call it #WonderfulMemories from our special invite only event for UK bloggers and fashion stylists.

On 23ed of October we invited a handful of bloggers and stylists to join our fashion feast in Shoreditch at Kaizo Hair Studio. Everyone could have their hair and make-up done and wearing Fashion Bloc curated designer clothes pose for their personal photo shoot. What a perfect material for an exclusive blog post!

Stylist Ginger Clark was helping our guests to choose the best outfits combining designer clothes and accessories on a spot. Our photographer Edek Goralski spent some time with each guest individually for their very own photoshoot.

Everyone was very happy with the event and the results finding out about the great creative force coming from the less popular part of the Europe (fashion-vice).

‘Imagine the design juice of Comme des Garcons met Yohji Yamamoto in an area where an insane regimen just collapsed and they were free to do whatever, whenever.’ – wrote

Edita Lozovska at Pret-A-Reporter in her enthusiastic (and pretty patriotic review of the event) and we couldn’t have put it better.

So yes, everyone loved it and we are happy to share the results with you.

Hair: Kaizo Hair Shoreditch

Make-Up: Ana Ambrasaite

Style: Ginger Clark

Fashion: Fashion Bloc designers

Photography: Edek Goralski

Virgit Canaz at Preppy Fashionist wearing Zsigmond Dora Menswear, Silk Philosophy and Under My Roof bag

Edita Lozovska at Pret-A-Reporter wearing D.Efect Coat, Lokomotiva dress and Agnes Ignacz bag

Christine at Xtineloves wearing D.Efect coat

Ana de Jesus at Faded Spring with Agnes Ignacz wooden hand-made bag

Teral Tan at ThisisTeral wearing Nah-Nu Top and Skirt and Silk Philosophy silk bracelet.

Stylist Jekaterina Mirmanova wearing Ramune Piekautaite Jumper and Skirt

Actress and blogger Genevieve Sibayan wearing Zoran Dobric dress

Our own Saule wearing D.Efect shirt and Anchovy silk scarf

And Ieva wearing D.Efect dress, Anchovy scarf and Tadam! necklace