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Łódź (yes, that is exactly how it’s spelled) is the third largest city in Poland with a population of 700.000+ and is apparently a fashion capital of this Central European country.  At least, when it hosts Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week, for the 13th consecutive season this November.

The fashion week just ended and we have laid our eyes on the designers that presented their SS16 collections. As a rule, we found some interesting names among the ‘Off Schedule’ participants. Fashion Bloc represented designers Confashion and Nah-Nu are not usually showing their collections at the local fashion week so we hoped to discover some new names.

We made a list of our favourite designers and the particular parts of their collections and it turned out to be a list of 6. With one obvious winner.

ODIO X PIECZARKOWSKI – and the winner is Odio x Pieczarkowski. We already had a crush on Jacub Pieczarkowski but this collaboration with Odio Ts tops even that crush. Without competition this extraordinary artistic collection was complete, unique, breath-taking. Each piece – a piece of art. That is exactly what we are looking  for in a designer. Can not wait to see more! We liked everything about Odio and Pieczarkowski.


OFF OUT OF SCHEDULE – KLAUDIA MARKIEWICZ – These off schedule designers are always interesting, right? Klaudia Markiewicz is one of those playful souls that made Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week more colourful. Love the XXL (in size and knitting eyelets) cardigans.


OFF OUT OF SCHEDULE – KHATEGAT – A young and definitely fresh menswear street wear brand. This is something in between art and street, street art, maybe? Simple and fun.

VIOLA ŚPIECHOWICZ –If someone can make linen sexy we buy it. That’s a completely unique (with a hint of Eastern Philosophy) approach to the linen. White see-thru dresses with bright blue and coral underlays combine into a pretty sweet summer treats.

JACOB BIRGE – Jacob is possibly one of the most-talked-about contemporary fashion names in Poland. His womens and mens collections are inspired by designer’s international education and experiences. We prefer womens RTW and we liked some pieces of his collection. Muscular bodies trapped in skinny Ts are not exactly our cup of tea.

MALGRAU – That unique yellow textile technique makes the Malgrau collection stand out. The rest of the collection was very minimalistic and easy to wear, which we also don’t mind.

What are your picks?

All photo credit © Pasarella Photography and Fashionweek.pl