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Fashion is an ever-changing game with new players coming in, old players leaving it, or all playing together trying to find their own individual comfort zone. Eastern and Central European fashion scene has been also changing and growing. Since the collapse of the Soviet regime some strong independent designers emerged from the region but some old fashion players still remain and standing strong.


I have tried to make a list of Top 10 Eastern European fashion designers who could best represent the picture of the current fashion scene in the former Eastern Bloc, including fashion legacy names such as a master of couture Valentin Yudashkin and some new fresh talents such as Anna K. It is rather impossible to selected 10 best designers (as any other Top 10 list – nearly impossible to compile) but I made a selection of best representatives to illustrate the contemporary picture of high fashion coming from Eastern Europe.


The Top 10 Eastern European designers on this list are: Valentin YudashkinRoksanda Ilincic,NeheraNatasha ZinkoAtelier KikalaKoftaAnna KMasha RevaZsigmond Dora, andGosha Rubchinskiy.

You can read my full review and a selection in depth on the Culture Trip.

Photo gallery: Natasha Zinko at London Fashion Week,  Zsigmond Dora and Atelier KIkala (Cover Photo).