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Do you know any Serbian fashion designers? Yes you do! Roksanda Ilincic is a Serbian chic. Who else is Serbian? Rita Ora, but you knew that already. We are in the Serbian mood a little bit –browsing through the photos of the Belgrade Fashion Week that just ended in the capital.

There were quite a few good-to-look-at collections but most of them were not very original; reminding of the little sisters and brothers of big international fashion labels. Nevertheless, we spotted a couple of interesting designers (or some parts of their collections).

These are some of the Serbian designer names that you might want to put in your red fashion book for the future reference (we hope it’s red and Moleskin. No, just joking, we hope it’s eclectic and Lacroix).


Gala Borovic (above and the cover photo). You go girl! There is something fairy tale like about this girl! Look at those shorts and the sequin dress! She is also a co-owner of the ‘not so original’ jewellery brand but her own clothing creations (are they really clothes?) are great!


Budislava Kekovic. These geometric shapes and silent colour collaborations are very classy and sophisticated but at the same time a little bit rebellious (hence the face masks and leather gloves).


Ivana Pilja. We know, there is something about Pilja’s collection that makes you think of Alexander McQueen and not necessarily in a good way. But we wanted to share some seemingly complicated artistic creations because Ivana is one of just a few ‘out of the box’ designers that we spotted at Belgrade Fashion Week this season.


Mates. Nothing too extraordinary about the outerwear by Mates but we love these coats, something about them that says: ‘Wear me this Winter, please!’

Photos in the gallery in the same order. All photo credits © Belgrade fashion Week