Meet Gerda, a 26-year-old business owner/designer of the Bond’esque like swimwear brand Makara. Besides running a successful swimwear and surfwear brand she is a super hot surfer herself (see the photo gallery). What an inspiration!

Fashion Bloc: Describe yourself in 1 sentence.

Gerda: A mermaid with legs.

FB: Describe Makara in 1 sentence.

G: A very stylish and elegant ocean monster that likes to be friends with modern mermaids.

FB: Where do you come from? Where do you live? Why?

G: Born and raised in Lithuania. I’m travelling and living all around the world since officially I can do it by myself. At the moment living in Bali because you can feel freedom in your hair while driving a motorbike and surfing the waves.

FB: How does your typical day look like?

G: Yoga or surfing, coffee or juice… and then what that day throws at me. Sometimes I can spend a whole day on the computer, sometimes driving around Bali on my motorbike to workshops, shops, having meetings with clients. Sometimes, I host friends from abroad. Sometimes, my boyfriend and I just want to disconnect from the world, so we go to the islands to look for some waves. A good thing about my life is that I don’t actually have a typical day, or maybe I just think that way.

FB: How did you start Makara?

G: It all started from my old vintage one-piece spring wetsuit, which brought me compliments every time I wore it in the water.  So I thought: ‘Ummm… there is still some space…. for a better swimsuit.’

FB: Where do you manufacture? Who is your team?

G: Bali and Lithuania. My team is my super tailor and me. Many other people help me with my daily tasks as my mum, my boyfriend, and my friends.

FB: Who are your customers and ambassadors?

G: My customers are women of different age who love water and travels. I have customers from 16-year-old surfer girls to 50-year-old successful businesswomen. I am happy that my customers are from various countries with different hobbies. In the end of the day, it’s all about having fun in the water and if on top of that you can look stunning and elegant… why not? My ambassadors are cool surfer girls from all around the world, like @Chuliefox @Sage Erickson @Maya Fernandez

FB: Is there a famous person you would like to see wearing Makara?

G: Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuanian swimmer, Leah Dawson – USA longboarder and Madonna.

FB: What does Makara mean? How did you come up with this name?

G: Makara means ‘Ocean Monster’ in Hindu. And the girl on the beast back is Varuna goddess who can control such a beast and waters. Like my clients, who get the power when they put on a Makara wear swimsuit.

FB: What did you do in Lithuania? How old are you?

G: I was born there, I finished my high-school, and then left to London to pursue my undergraduate degree.

FB: Are you planning to come back and live in Lithuania or your soul is too wild?

G: At the moment, I am very happy in Bali, but I can’t predict the future… Maybe, one day I will find myself in Lithuania or Antarctica.

FB: What’s next?

G: A new collection is coming and it will be not just swimwear but also some very cool leisure clothes for the after water activities! Moreover,  I’m planning to do a collaboration with a Singaporean Artist for some t-shirts and jackets, as well some social work and programs that will involve surfing.

What would be Makara ultimate tweet (140 characters max)?

Makara doesn’t give you wings or save you from a shark attack. Makara gives you strength and encouragement to feel and look good no matter what water activity you at!