If you are good with Eastern European names, you can always spot Eastern European fashion models amongst the Top 50/ Top Sexiest or other TOP rankings. Edita Vilkeviciute, Emily Ratjakowski or Irina Shayk seem to be permanent residents of these lists.

This rule has been broken at annual Model of the Year 2015 Awards on Not a single Eastern European model (male or female) has won the ‘Model of the Year’ nomination. But fear not – Cara Delavigne has also made a model list only as a Top Celebrity (alongside Justin Bieber).

To our joy, Eastern European models were amongst 2015 nominees, and one particular category was filled with Russian, Polish, and Czech names. Even three Eastern girls were amongst Humanitarian nominees. Raising awareness and seeing a bigger picture goes way beyond the catwalk. Meet three Eastern girls who shine beauty from within.

Natalia Vodianova.  The Russian supermodel Vodianova has been well known for herNaked Heart Foundation building playgrounds for underprivileged children in her hometown, supporting children with disabilities and families in need. Natalia has recently launched a micro-philanthropy app Elbi in collaboration with 31 charity where you can get involved, donate or contribute your creativity within minutes. Love it!


Petra Nemcova. Czech supermodel and TV host has been successfully running her Happy Hearts Fund for almost 10 years now.  After surviving Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 Nemcova has established Happy Hearts helping children in the areas affected by natural disasters. To date her foundation invested over $15 million in 122 schools across Asia and Americas.


Jacquelyn Jablonski. Born in New Jersey Jablonski has European roots and Polish last name from her family. Jacquelyn is an advocate for autism. After her younger  brother Tommy was diagnosed with Autism she has been actively involved in raising awareness and bringing fashion superstars to the silent auctions benefiting Autism Speaks.

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What other models do you know with beautiful faces and hearts?