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Anton Belinskiy, one of the pioneering contemporary Ukrainian designers, is on the news once again. We introduced Belinskiyalongside Anna K as leading fashion names that put Kyiv on a fashion map alongside other fashion capitals of the world. Today, online edition of the British fashion and lifestyle title i-D featured young Kyiv designer on their top news. All with a reason – Anton Belinskiy is trying to make a social impact not just clothes.

His new project, in collaboration with a talented Ukrainian photographer Julie Poly, is very unusual. Anton and Julie has photographed orphan children at one of the Ukraine’s orphanages wearing Anton’s clothes. Julie and Anton are trying to raise awareness to the condition of the country’s orphanages; the lack of funding, governmental and social support. Anton’s friend, who volunteers at the orphanages in Odessa, offered the designer to be involved.


The original photographs, where children are wearing Belinskiy collection’s pieces of their choice, can be purchased from the creative duo and all money will go to the orphans. You can contact designer at belinskiydesign@gmail.com right now.

Recalling their experience on set Julie and Anton told that they were deeply touched by the atmosphere at the orphanage and the reality of children’s lives. The photographer admitted to the journalist Anastasia Fedorova that this photoshoot was very different from what she expected but she tried to capture children, as they are – real, not staged.


Read the original story and a full interview on i-d.vice.com, by Anastasia Fedorova.

Photo credit © Julie Poly.