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There are times when even the best dresser would forget to take care of certain things and end up making mistakes. Sometimes, there is a very little difference from being a perfect dresser to the one who needs to make immediate changes.

So here in this post, let’s discuss some fashion mistakes that you are making and need to avoid, and thereby polish your style.

Going for unfavourable colours

Do you know that there is a connection between your skin tone and colours? Do you know that it really matters? No, then you must understand it so that you don’t repeat the fashion blunders. If you happen to choose a wrong colour, you will end up looking blotchy and tired. Moreover, you may look pinkish, green or even orange. So for all better reasons, try to find out your perfect colours and stick to them.

Going for basic colours

There are many people who shop for perfect dress and accessories but in brown, black or beige colours. This makes them look average even though their personality has to say something else. So if you are from this group, well then it is time to change. So mix some colours like red or green to your outfit to make it interesting. In case you feel that you are not comfortable with, then try to play with some accessories. If you are wearing a black dress, make sure you wear bright shoes and go for some statement jewellery. For all other colours, you need to choose accessories accordingly. In case you are wearing a light coloured dress, go for deep and dark coloured dress and if you are wearing a dark dress, go for bright coloured accessories.

Sticking to your style as you think change may cost you more

If you think that changing your style means you need to make a complete change to your wardrobe, then you must understand that it is not necessary. First of all understand that change is a process and so take your own time to change your fashion style. So first go through your wardrobe and get your hands on important and basic things like shirts, tees, sweaters and jeans. Whatever style you are choosing, these outfits will make the base layer. You can add up a blazer or a knitted sweater to the outfit. You can slowly add up new dresses to your wardrobe. You can make the process cost effective by going for voucher codes of Pink Boutique. So you will be able to have dresses, accessories as well as footwear at great discounts.

Wrong choice of undergarments

Yes, many people end up adjusting their undergarments when they are in the public places. It is really embarrassing. So make sure to get the right sized bra and panties so that you won’t feel you even have them. Don’t go for too loose or too tight undergarments.

Wearing right at the wrong place

There are times when we end up being overdressed. This is something that everybody knows still many ends up making the mistake. You don’t want to be at a sports event wearing something that suits a dinner party. Wear dress and accessories that suit the occasion.

Not getting the best out of your wardrobe

It is true that we shop for clothes many times a year. Our wardrobe is full and you have many pairs of footwear stuffed in your closet. Still, you may at times feel that you don’t have anything to wear! Right? Then why not take some time to experiment with the clothes. Take some time off from your schedule and try out different outfits. You may end up finding some new mix and match dresses. Moreover, this will save you from unwanted shopping. In case you need some important things for your wardrobe go for promo codes and get them for less.

So, if you are making any of these above mistakes, try to correct them and follow some better fashion trends.

Photo by Adam Mastroianni for Fashion Bloc.

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