Text: Laura Gedvilaite

The annual Lithuanian fashion festival “Fashion Infection” took place in Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre on 18-19 of March. Among the veteran fashion designers and emerging talents from Lithuania there were also some international guests making a great addition to the usual suspects such as Lilija LarionovaLaura Dailideniene, Akvile Jančauskaite & Fiona Uyen, Liucija KvasyteDiana Paukštyte, and Sandra Straukaite; guest designers included Ana Jelizarjeva from Estonia, Katarzyna Romanesque and SWTSF from Poland, Andrey Bartenev from Russia, and Mareunrol’S from Latvia.

Fashion Bloc has selected top 5 Lithuanian designers to watch:



Morta is a multi-talented artist who’s just recently turned to the art of fashion (having practiced piano and film directing before). Her „Experimental Collection was the opening show. Bright and calming. In fact, it was completely white. The main collection attribute was over-sized clothes with an emphasis on fabric texture. The collection was dedicated to the cold season, probably not very practical, but very comfortable for her big collars and far too long sleeves.


For Ana it was the third time in “Fashion Infection” since 2013. She presented 19 models for men and women. This time her collection was full of contrasting colours and textures. It was obvious that the designer paid a lot of attention to find the right materials for this collection and by the reactions of the crowd we can easily say that it was worth it. Both, women’s and men’s garments were made of the same fabric and same bright pink colour. The full collection had a sporty, but at the same time light and gentle effect.



Thom Bara or otherwise – Tomas Baranauskas, presented a black as coal collection only for women. Thom, like many others of this year’s “Fashion infection” participants, accentuated the texture and materials. Collection was full of leather harnesses and long ripped pants. The applications made of carbon created a very unique look which perfected the idea of the collection.



Designer presented her collection for the 7th time at this event. Paukstyte’s creations has always been daring and risky, despite society’s constructed norms or stereotypes. Her collection was dominated by geometry, layering and flowing cuts. Paukstyte’s collection showed the equality between men and women.



L.Gudanavičiūte is another “Fashion Infection” old-timer. Her collection was presented for the seventh time here. She presented 18 models designed for women with a word-play ‘Inside-Out’. The main materials were denim and knitwear. Dominating colours were blue, black, silver and metal. Collection’s silhouettes varied from adherent to oversized.

Photos by Tautvydas Stukas – http://www.tautvydasstukas.lt/