Fashion Agency London

London, the fashion capital of Europe (or so they say). Eclectic, posh, hipster, extravagant, elegant, sophisticated, you name it – London has it all and it’s no surprise it attracts the best fashion talent from all over the world. The cosmopolitan city with the population of over 8.6 million (and growing) seems like a perfect opportunity for business expansion, especially in the creative sector, right?

But how to actually break into the buzziest fashion markets of them all? Is it possible to open the doors without a special key – the right network of people? How do they do it – the foreign names we read about in the media? Ukrainian Natasha Zinko has been praised by, Estonian Roberta Einer is making waves in London’s fashion community, Georgian twin sisters Tata Naka are growing their fan base each season, and Serbian fashion star Roksanda Ilincic has been amongst the leading fashion designers in London for over a decade.

These inspirational designers are setting a tone for all the brands and designers coming from Eastern and Central Europe, nevertheless, the entry is not as straight forward as one may wish. London’s fashion industry professionals claim that to enter the London market for an outsider can be a drag. To understand a market, retail system, PR and marketing and even legal procedures – everything might seem like a daunting task, requiring a lot of time, dedication and right connections.

‘This is exactly how we came up with an idea to launch a market entry and business growth course for fashion professionals. Who are already established in their local markets and want to explore or find out more about the London fashion scene’, – says Fashion Bloc founder Ieva Zu.

Fashion Bloc is a London based editorial and shopping platform representing hand-picked fashion designers from emerging Europe, former Eastern Bloc countries. A 1-week fashion boot camp for professionals is an extension of the Fashion Bloc’s mission – to help the best fashion designers from Eastern and Central Europe reach international markets:

‘We have been successfully running our online platform, representing the designers, however, we have noticed that designers and brand managers need something more than just an access to the audience. To grow and set your feet in the market, you need to understand it.’

The team behind Fashion Bloc project sourced successful London based professionals – from Marketing and PR to Legal and Finance backgrounds – who will help the course participants understand the tricky system of the London fashion industry and prepare them for the market entry. Moreover, all designer brands from Eastern and Central Europe will be pre-selected by the course organisers and lecturers.

The registration to the pilot course in London next year is now open to growth-ready designer brands: