Fashion Agency London

by Ieva Zu


18-24 April the initiative called Fashion Revolution calls all fashion consumers, designers, manufacturers and distributors to join forces and ask or answer a simple question: who made my clothes?

Each year, around the same date, Fashion Revolution asks fashion industry insiders to help create the transparency in the supply chain of the fashion industry. It encourages everyone who wears clothes (you and me, I’m sure) to look at their labels and ask: who made my clothes? At the same time, it calls companies to reveal the chain of manufacturing and tell the stories encouraging transparent sourcing and production.

The Fashion Revolution manifesto is genuinely inspiring – be curious, ask questions, don’t be a part of the culture where clothes are made in horrible conditions by exploiting people. Take of your T-Shirt, take a picture of your label, tag a company and ask #whomademyclothes? Who made your Nikes? Who sewed your jeans? Who cut your coat?

Being a responsible consumer is not easy, I agree. It is not as cheap, it is also more time consuming, it takes some effort to develop a habit to responsibly shop (whether it’s your eggs, or your shoes). Joining a movement such as Fashion Revolution helps act as a part of a bigger group that cares.

We, at Fashion Bloc, are already members of fashion revolution, from day one. All designers that we represent design and make their clothes locally. They know exactly who made your clothes. Have you heard rumours that fashion labels try to keep their supply channels and manufacturing processes a secret? Well, this is not the case at Fashion Bloc – all designers, big or small, are 100% honest with you. To support Fashion Revolution movement even further and to help create a chain of transparency, every two weeks we will present to you a different Fashion Bloc designer to tell you where and how their collections are made.

Meet D.efect – a contemporary designer fashion label from Lithuania, designed and made in Lithuania.

Fashion Bloc: Where do you source your fabric?

D.efect: Our materials are sourced from Portugal, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom – we buy our fabric at the global trade show Premier Vision in Paris.

FB: Where do you design and manufacture D.efect collections?

D.efect: In Lithuania. Our holding company LTM Garments is a very strong player in the fashion production industry. Such international brands as Acne Studios, Ted Baker, Whistles, Top Shop and other well-known fashion names are manufactured in the same factory. Naturally, D.Efect maintains equal high quality standards as the above-mentioned global companies.

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