Fashion Agency London

by Ieva Zu

I remember meeting Lithuanian fashion designer Julija briefly over eight years ago; it was one of my early assignments at the start of my journalism career. I can recall being a little bit nervous before a meeting with Julija – she was already well known in the Lithuanian fashion industry, even without her current successful lifestyle and fashion brand. I shouldn’t have. Very calm, reserved and looking a bit Scandinavian – that was my first impression back then. Meet Julija today – a creative brain and heart of Julia Janus.

Fashion Bloc: Please describe in one sentence what is Julia Janus.

Julija Janus: Julia Janus is the space between a body and clothes.

FB: Please describe in one sentence who is Julija?

JJ: Julija is a woman, who decided to be happy.

FB: When and how did you launch Julia Janus and how did it develop?

It was 2008, when I dived into Julia Janus brand developing. It has all started from a small women’s wear collection, which was sold at the tiny boutique in Vilnius Old Town. Now, after 7 years, JULIA JANUS has 6 concept stores in 3 different countries, multiple retail spots around the world, and fast growing online store for women’s and men’s collections, accessories, leather goods and home décor elements.

FB: What is your greatest victory as a designer?

JJ: It is my courage to go ahead when everybody are trying to talk me into the opposite.

FB: What are your biggest challenges?

JJ: Fashion market is a mess. So many shitty clothing, cheap and sexy, a total waste. I create things to make people feel good, amazing, cool, modern and courageous. I create lifestyle instead of fashion. My designs give freedom to people. And I like it.

FB: Tell us about your team

JJ: We work together. We all know what we do and why.

FB: Who is your right hand?

JJ: My right hand is always with me. And I am happy with it. People can come, work together and leave. My right hand will hopefully stay with me forever J

FB: What are your future plans?

JJ: To work on products that are valuable, in demand and reflect nowness.

FB: Who are your customers?

JJ: I work for people with an attitude. For those who are struggling to be a part of corporate “reality”, “ beauty” and “fashion”.

FB: Tell us shortly about your production process: from idea to a product.

JJ: Collection theme, sketches, mock ups, samples, sample testing, final samples, the next collection. The idea comes first and sets the theme for the next collection. The collection we are working on now is called Time-less. Notice the double meaning of it. The first idea comes really early, two years before a collection hits the shops. I observe trends and then I stick to the identity of the brand. Fabrics, patterns and prints are the next step. We also test our fabrics in-house. Then, of course, sketches, mock-ups, samples, sample testing and final samples.

FB: What would be your ultimate Twitter post (140 characters max)?

JJ: Style has no size and age.