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Text: Viktorija Martinenaite

After joining the fashion blogging industry in 2010 on lookbook and tumblr, today, the 21-year-old blogger Agnija Grigule is the brand ambassador for Missguided and Komono,and recently Adidas, social media editor for, a photographer at Agnija Grigule Photography, and has tens of thousands of followers from around the world.  With a passion for all things art, fashion and beauty, read what Agnija shares about her influences, inspirations and of course – Eastern European fashion.

Fashion Bloc: What  inspires you?

Agnija Grigule: It could be many things, but mostly long walks, sunsets, tumblr, magazines, movies, other creative people and music.

F.B: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

 A.G: Los Angeles, or somewhere under the palm trees. I am crazy about places with the palm trees!

F.B: Tell us more what do you think about Eastern European fashion design?

A.G: Eastern Europe is making many different kinds of designs, we are very creative, our designers are not only creating  aesthetic style clothing we are very versatile in terms of fashion.

F.B: Do you have a favourite Latvian fashion designer?

A.G: I know many Latvian fashion designers in person and they are great and positive human beings. My favourites  are Art Jamand Deeply Personal.

F.B: What are your plans for the future?

A.G: At the moment I am living, working and collaborating with different projects in Latvia, but in two years time I am planning to move to London to study Fashion Business at Central Saint Martins.

F.B: What is your personal motto?

A.G: Everything is possible and never give up! 🙂

Photo courtesy of @agnijagrigule Instagram