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Unique designer fashion made in Europe – this is what all of the designers represented by Fashion Bloc stand for. We are very proud to introduce one more original and unique story and product, of course, coming from Lithuania. Meet Kazauka, concrete bowties (yes, right, made from the concrete). The brand founded by the professional engineer Andrius Kazlauskas.

Fashion Bloc: What is your short bio?

Andrius Kazlauskas: I am a 30-year-old engineer. I have a Master’s degree in Civil engineering and I work for a construction company. Kazauka is my ‘other’ side.

FB: What does Kazauka mean?

AK: It is an abbreviation of my surname. I called myself that when I was a child.

FB: How did you come up with an idea to design concrete bowties?

AK: Before Kazauka , I felt I wasn’t spending enough time creating and trying out new things. I wanted to invent something new, interesting and unusual. Due to my education and profession, concrete constructions have been close to me.

Concrete associates with cold, heaviness and discomfort. There are a lot of concrete buildings in Lithuania, most of them were built in Soviet times. Our bow ties are made of concrete, but they are thin, light and associates with confidence and strength. We can’t delete these concrete buildings and change our history, but we can change our attitude and look o the past from a new perspective.

FB: Do you wear bow ties yourself?

AK: I don’t wear traditional bow ties, but I wear a concrete bowtie on special occasions.

FB: Where do you manufacture?

AK: Kazauka bowtie consists from two parts – concrete and leather. I make concrete parts by myself and leather parts are made by the leather professionals in Lithuania.

FB: What is your ultimate goal?

AK: I have several small goals. My next goal is to create a new collection. I also want to participate in exhibitions outside Lithuania and introduce concrete bowties to people from other countries. I think that my ultimate goal is to continue to do what I love.

FB: Who are your customers?

AK: I can divide my customers into two parts. People who like bowties and have more than fifty bowties in their collections. Second, people who don’t like bowties at all, but they would choose concrete bowties because they want something new and different.

FB: What does Made in Lithuania mean for you?

AK: I wish that Made in Lithuania would have a meaning of super high quality and innovativeness.

FB: One fact about Lithuania everyone should know.

AK: More than 30 percent of the territory in Lithuania is covered by forests.

FB: One Lithuanian word and it’s English translation.

AK: Betonas – concrete

FB: What would be your ultimate Tweet (140 symbols max)?

AK: It is a very good feeling to find something new what really fascinates you. The best way to do this is just keep searching and trying.