Poland is a Central European country where you can meet unique designers and discover new inspirational bloggers to follow! A country full of beautiful and stylish ladies, so no surprise that some of them dictates fashion trends not only on the Central-Eastern European fashion scene, but also make waves all around the world. Meet 7 Polish beauties we love:
Make Life Easier (Cover Photo)

Facebook followers: 126 k

Instagram followers: 122 k


Facebook followers: 59 k

Instagram followers: 49,6 k

Jessica Mercedes 

Facebook followers: 157,7 k

Instagram followers: 512 k

Raspberry and Red 

Facebook followers: 114 k

Instagram followers: 172 k


Facebook followers: 493 k

Instagram followers: 750 k

Jestem Kasia / I am Kasia

Facebook followers: 88,5 k

Instagram followers: 141
Macademian Girl 

Facebook followers: 106 k

Instagram followers: 105 k
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