Fashion Agency London

by Ieva Zu

On 23ed of this month, Britain will vote in a referendum popularly referred to as Brexit, referring to the Britain leaving (or staying in) the European Union. In the light of this, BBC television has been broadcasting a documentary series called ‘Britain and Europe’ analysing different angles of the European Union and the Great Britain relationship. Fashion Bloc had a moment of fame on the episode called ‘Britain and Europe: The Immigration Question’, presented by a fabulous Mishal Husain.


It’s no secret that I come from Lithuania and Fashion Bloc celebrates designer fashion and culture from the new Europe (aka Eastern Europe). Our mission is to introduce a Made in Europe concept and celebrate borderless fashion with new fashion capitals. This was the interest in me and Fashion Bloc from the production company behind the documentary.

After 2 days of filming, including lengthy interviews with me and my family, the edit turned out to be 2 minutes of fame (forward to 14min40s if you’re in a hurry). Fair enough, so many interesting stories! I must admit, the photoshoot scene with a talented (another Lithuanian) photographer Beata at looked glam. I was wearing Raspberry Red D.Efect coatTadam! Necklace and Under My Roof backpack – all Lithuanian designers. More moments from the photoshoot can be found HERE.


What I missed was my verbal input in that picture. I guess, they didn’t give a woman who works in fashion enough credit, glam vs brain? I was looking forward to watching my contemplations about how we all are world citizens and contribute to the society we live in, regardless our nationalities. Saying that, my vote at the referendum would clearly be #stayin, as I explain here in a photo project organised by i-D magazine. And even if some would say that fashion and politics have nothing in common, it always does. Fashion is a form of expression, and we encourage expressing unity.


Missed the documentary? Catch-up on BBC iPlayer HERE or watch on Youtube (below). Our son Alex was obviously a winner of the show.