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Meet our very good friends from Lithuania – Tadam! Jewellery. A unique fashion jewellery brand of good looking, sweet smelling, gold or silver dipped precious donuts, chocolates, peas and what’s not – all to be hung on your neck.

Fashion Bloc: What is Tadam! In 3 sentences?

TADAM!: TADAM! is an emotion-driven interjection, pronounced by a person making a great surprise or giving an unexpected gift to somebody.

TADAM! is a Lithuania-based contemporary jewellery studio, born in 2012 from it’s founder’s strong will to surprise others.

TADAM! is the concept cookery for eyes and necks – ordinary and gourmet kitchen delicacies, decorated with precious metals and turned into elegant wardrobe accessories.

FB: Who is a creative talent behind the brand? What is the team?

T: Deimante Litvinaite is the spring, soul, founder and owner of the brand.  She is also the creative director and product designer, not to mention all graphic design and styling projects also managed by Deimante herself. Deimante, three ceramic artists and sales manager Vilma Keleciute make up the entire team behind the brand.

FB: What message are you trying to send to your fans?

T: Food is a strong emotional fuel, a powerful “social glue”, and a “showcase of our identity” (as Marija Vogelzang perfectly named it in the preface of “Food Player. Design with Taste” manual of food inspired arts, 2014). Already perfectly designed by nature, it nourishes us not only physically, but also emotionally and aesthetically, evoking our memories and arousing associations. Food is art itself.  It is also a wondrous source of inspiration, inviting to explore, discover, create and play.

FB: Who would you like to see wearing Tadam!  Jewellery (celebrity crush)?

T: Each of us is a unique personality.  We love seeing all those individuals picking their OWN item from our unique handmade pieces’ collection, suiting them best, and wearing it every day like their second skin.

Bjork, Tilda Swinton and Melanie Joy would make us very flattered if we saw our items on their gorgeous necks.

FB: What are your favourite pieces?

T: Each piece has it’s own story and all of them are equally precious.

FB: How to wear Tadam!?

T: Take it out of the sweet-scented box, smell it, smile at it and put it on your neck, no matter what you are wearing at the moment. Be creative and play by spicing up your different outfits with your favourite TADAM! dessert.

FB: Where do you see your brand in 3 years?

T: Boosting with creativity, established internationally and presenting yet another great jewellery design collection.

FB: What is your ultimate goal?

T: Our ultimate goal is our continuous creative work, bringing joy and happiness to our customers worldwide as well as to ourselves. Enjoy the moment, which is as happy and surprising as you perceive it or make it yourself.

Photo: Tadam! Founder and Creative Director Deimante.