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Meet Diana Flore, one of the designers that put Romania on a fashion map, it is indeed a hidden fashion gem in the new Eastern Europe (and the designer herself is based in the mysterious Transylvania!). In our series of #fashiontransparency inspired by the #whomadeyourclothes movement, we talk with the designer about her story, locally designed and manufactured fashion and people behind the brand.

Fashion Bloc: When did you start Flore Diana brand? 

Diana Flore: Officially, I started in 2013 with the “Sick Love” collection, which brought along a rebranding of my business: the philosophy of the rose. My logo took the shape of a thorny flower. A lot of people assumed that the rose was chosen in relation to my name, but the change was actually inspired by something we are all attached to – childhood memories.

FB: Where do you manufacture?

DF: All the clothes are manufactured in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

FB: Who are the people in your team or production process?

DF: I have a very small but hard working team: Popa Raluca – PR and events manager, Marina Mic – seamstress, Emil Costrut – photographer, and Reka Sipos – digital printer.

FB: Where do you source your materials?

DF: All my materials are bought from the Romanian textile merchants from around the country. Usually, 70% of my materials are all white because I print them digitally afterwards.

FB: What is your biggest achievement?

DF: I also work as a stylist. So far, my biggest achievement was working as a stylist for X-Factor Romania two years in a row. As a designer, I was featured as one of the ‘Who’s Next’ designers named by Elle Romania Magazine in 2015.

FB: Who are your influencers?

DF: My works are usually based on my feelings. I use a lot of symbols but if I had to choose, I absolutely love Leandra Medine (ManRepeller). Her style is very inspiring. As for the fashion brand, I look up to Sacai, Adeam, Area, Hood by Air, Dion Lee, and Delpozo.

FB: What is your brand ethos?

DF: My brand ethos describes my personal universe. Originality meets cool, comfortable and young attitude.


Cover Photo (c) Edi Enache.

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