by Ieva Zu

I wrote about ‘Eastern Bloc’ aesthetics (or, more accurately, that there is no such thing), I wrote about Gosha Rubchinskiy’s dangerous political connotations and all sorts of politicised fashion. I believe that fashion and politics can (and should) be related, if necessary.

Based on my work on Fashion Bloc and my personal experiences (I grew up in Soviet Lithuania), I have built a substantial informational package on ‘Soviet fashion’, meaning, I can now be called a Lithuanian fashion expert (or at least that’s what The Guardian fashion writer Morwenna Ferrier thinks).

I was interviewed for The Guardian Fashion piece on the rising interest of Soviet fashion ‘Russian ladwear: how fashion found inspiration in grungy post-Soviet streets’. The author of the article rightfully questioned the origin and symbolism of the Soviet-infused designer fashion by Gosha Rubchinskiy and/or Vetements. As before, I shared my insights of what fashion editors like to call Eastern Bloc Aesthetics.

Read a full article on The Guardian Fashion.