Fashion Agency London

by Ieva Zu

Waking up to the news of the British referendum last Friday, I felt disappointed, angry, and helpless. The Great Britain that I call my home has become little England and is being torn apart by its very own people.

To leave the European Union, and to become the ‘no one’s land’ (or no man’s land, to be correct) turned out to be the most impactful light-hearted decision some of the 17 million Britons have ever taken. Judging by the social media outrage and media reports, this decision has also become regretful. In my view, Europe has become a new luxury – like a sold out Vetements DHL T-Shirt. It has been lost to millions of people and it has been re-discovered by millions. Europeans have started to appreciate the union even more and feel privileged to be a part of it because they still CAN. As a Lithuanian citizen living in London, I now feel privileged – I am still a European. I tried my best to do an impact by being featured in a BBC 2 documentary (watch here), encouraging the British fashionistas to vote and giving out interviews. I am most sure, I (and all my British friends) did our best.

Regardless the negative emotions and sad reality, it motivates me to spread the message of a unified Europe even more than before. Made in Europe is one of the core principles behind every brand represented by Fashion Bloc. We are a collective of new European designers who praise an excellent design, highest quality and fair trade manufacturing process. All our designers, as you can read in our series of Transparency interviews, manufacture and even source the materials locally in Europe, paying a close attention to where all the ‘ingredients’ come from. The Made in Europe message we are trying to spread widely is a new quality mark, a must-have for the conscious fashion customer of the modern world. Transparency has become our value proposition and our quality control – each designer joining Fashion Bloc has to confirm their production process is a fair trade process.

I genuinely hope that Made in Europe message is getting the momentum now more than ever before and we, at Fashion Bloc, are very proud to be the pioneering voice of this new luxury.

Cover photo: Lithuanian Jewellery designer brand Tadam!