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Established in 2014 The Knotty Ones (pun intended) is a Lithuanian designer brand ‘for the babes by the babes’, as they say. To best understand the concept, ideology and ethos of the brand, think pop girl’s band that does give a sh*t about what message they send to their audience.

Fashion Bloc: Who are the people behind the brand?

The Knotty Ones: We are three BFFs-turned-business-partners: Akvile, our Production director, Sandra, our Creative director, and Danute, our Brand manager.

But then again, we wouldn’t be here without a whole gang of girls standing behind the three of us, including our kick-ass knitters and craftswomen. We are also super excited to announce the partnership with Liucija Kvasyte, one of the most talented young Lithuanian designers, for our Fall/ Winter collection. They say it takes a village to raise a child. This certainly applies to a brand as well. 

FB: What is the origin of your brand name?

TKO: It is actually a funny story. Since we started out as a 100% knitwear label, the three of us were toying around with the word “knot” for quite a bit. One night, we were hanging out with some mates, when an Aussie friend of ours said something between the lines of “you three are such wildcats, you are the knotty ones.” The pun on “naughty” and “knotty” clicked instantly. It perfectly embodies what we want to represent with our “knotty” knits – being playful, a bit sassy, adding a cool edge to the old-school craft

FB: What is your brand in one sentence?

TKO: Quality knitwear and everyday essentials produced ethically with cool babes in mind.

FB: What is your brand ideology?

TKO: We always say that it’s nice to be cool, but it’s cooler to be nice. Hence, we have deliberately thrown away the fast-fashion model and instead have been focusing on ethical production by empowering our craftswomen, celebrating artisan work, establishing personal relationships with our suppliers, thinking about the impact our supply chain has on nature. 

FB: Who are your customers?

TKO: They are the “knotty” ones. Women with wild hearts, women who don’t always play by the rules, and yet are mindful of others. They rather invest into one quality piece that will last for years, and care about the impact their purchases have on other women and our planet.

FB: What is your big vision?

TKO: To prove that ethically produced fashion can be cool.

FB: Where do you manufacture?

TKO: Our knitwear is handmade by the Lithuanian craftswomen. Many of them are stay-at-home mums that appreciate the flexibility of knitting. The rest of our garments are ethically produced in a family-run garment factory in Kaunas, Lithuania.

FB: What is different about your brand?

TKO: We give old-school local artisan crafts a contemporary feel that younger generations no longer see as “out-dated” .

FB: If your brand was a song, what would it be?

TKO: Icona Pop, ‘I Love It’

Girls crashing cars, getting rid of shitty boyfriends, doing what they truly love and believe in. Say no more.