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by Viktorija Martinenaite

Kazakhstan-born, Russian-based fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko entered Haute Couture world four years ago. Her signature style – a feeling of nostalgia for the Soviet past. Last Week, she presented her Couture collection in Paris Couture Week. The main accent for FW2016 was dark toned clothes, styled with loafers and thick tights. The fashion show took us back to the Soviet Russia in the 60s. During that period social life in the Soviet Union was transforming due to “thaw” in political relations with the West. Women of those times were enabled to access foreign fashion magazines and media, journalists were sent abroad to report on the latest international fashion trends, shops began to stock imported goods. (Before the 60’s none of the foreign fashions were allowed into the Soviet Russia, it was perceived that caring about one’s looks was capitalist). N.B! In 1959 Christian Dior collection was shown in the Soviet Union for the first time.

These are the times when the Russian women perception of style and fashion started to change; even though the use of colour was avoided, simple long dresses and sandals (that were worn with cotton socks) were changed to more elegant clothes, mini skirts and classic loafers styled with feminine clutches and handbags. It is not surprising that Ulyana Sergeenko was inspired by the Soviet Russia in the 60’s – many Russians feel a little nostalgic about that era.

Photo credit © Ulyana Sergeenko

Video Ulyana Sergeenko Couture AW 2016-17 runway