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Meet Diligent Clothes – a team of two ambitious and super creative modern minds that have met, have started their collaboration and are still based in Poland. Szymon Mrozek and Marta Pospieszna tell Fashion Bloc why ‘ambitny’ is their favourite Polish word and how Polish fashion has become global.

Fashion Bloc: When was Diligent Clothes established?

Diligent Clothes: Diligent brand was founded in 2013 by Szymon Mrozek. Two years later, Marta Pospieszna joined the team. The designers met at the Fashion Department of the Poznan School of Form. Together they created a collection Colour Code, a streetwear-style collection for fashionable personas looking to stand out.

FB: What does ‘Diligent clothes’ mean?

DC: Diligent Clothes stand for ambition and courage that can be seen in the projects created by the duo. The team seeks to maintain high quality and individuality. Diligent Clothes is also the colour that characterises the brand. It is powerful and energetic, combinations are bold and unconventional. Diligent Clothes is a contrast between classical and avant-garde, sporty and elegant, and traditional and modern.

FB: What do you think about the Polish fashion scene?

DC: Polish fashion scene is very interesting these days. Many young designers create interesting projects. Polish designers can boldly stand side by side with global brands because they are original and create unique designs. The fashion market will certainly develop and be an important point on the global fashion map.

FB: Can you describe the birth of the Diligent Clothes garment from idea to the store? 

DC: All projects of Diligent Clothes are created by the duo of Marta and Szymon. The first project phase is very interesting and creative. In the initial stage, a lot of drawings and fashion sketches are created. Often, fabrics determine a lot of ideas. The important moment is working with a constructor, discussing the technical part of the projects and prototyping. And here comes the moment when the collection in multiple copies is produced in the atelier, and then goes to the shops.

FB: One word in Polish and its translation.

DC: Ambitny – diligent. The way the brand, as well as the designers, approach the work and the creation of original designs.

FB: If Diligent Clothes was a movie, what would it be?

Diligent Clothes brand can be compared to the action movie, where the pace and energy of big cities are at the core. The energy that never ceases and surprises with the riot of colours.

FB: What is your signature item?

DC: Our signature is colourful coats. They combine the essence of the brand: they are saturated in colour, graphical and pictorial.

FB: What is your big dream?

DC: The biggest dream is to have a constantly growing base of customers who feel special wearing our collections.

FB: Why people should be interested in your brand?

DC: Our brand is primarily good energy. We want our customers to enjoy the high quality of our products and fabrics but we also want them to be themselves in our designs. Our projects are for people who appreciate being individual. Our brand is also very ambitious, therefore, each collection will surprise with something new and fresh.

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