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A Contemporary fashion brand D.Efect and their Creative Director Egle Ziemyte were busy expanding their European scope. Amsterdam and Milan, two completely different poles of the European fashion industry, have become tremendously successful fashion platforms for the Lithuanian designer.

„Our first entry into the Amsterdam’s fashion market was an experiment. We have established strong working relationships with Amsterdam’s bloggers and are very happy to feel a growing support from all of the fashion lovers here. We said ‘yes’ to this adventure, packed our Autumn/Winter 2016 collection and opened a two-week Pop-up shop in central Amsterdam“, said the designer. Ziemyte was delighted that the first piece – faux fur coat – was bought in the first thirty minutes of the store opening, although it was boiling hot in the city.

The news quickly spread among the fashion bloggers. Andy Torres from „The Style Scrapbook“ have visited the store and left with a bag full of coolest pieces of the season. An influential blogger with over 700K followers on Instagram is fashion week ready with D.efect and has already shared her admiration with her followers: “It is one of my favourite Lithuanian brands”.

Amsterdam was just a beginning for the Lithuanian brand’s European adventures. Last week, D.EFECT travelled to Milan where a leading independent designer platform NOT JUST A LABEL organised a fashion exhibition titled “Origin – passion and beliefs” where designers from different continents had the opportunity to present their talents.

For the third time, a platform hosting over 20 (factual mistake) thousand independent designers have chosen 50 most interesting collections to be presented in Milan. More importantly, chosen designers had the opportunity to connect with new manufacturers. „We presented our next summer’s collection. It was a great opportunity for young designers because it is difficult to find reliable partners when you are just starting out”. While in Milan, D.efect creative director has absorbed creative energy for the next season: “I got back home with a lot of inspiration, new acquaintances and most importantly, a clear idea of how I want the new collection to look like“.

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