Fashion Agency London

by Ieva Zu

This letter was originally sent in support of the ‘H&M: End Deathtraps – Make Factories Safe!’ letter campaign.

To H&M CEO Mr Persson or whoever is reading this letter (please don’t be just a corporate ‘no one’):

My name is Ieva, originally from Lithuania (1 H&M store) I work and live in London (25 H&M stores). I am a World citizen (over 3.7K H&M stores), thus I care about the world, not just my personal surroundings.

I guess, you claim to care as well. That’s what you say on your website (good copy, by the way):

Sustainability is key to the company business and we are working actively to make both existing and new stores sustainable in the long term. This includes recycling waste, changing to more energy and water efficient systems and selecting the more environmentally responsible materials, such as certified wood or recycled materials.

I used to shop at H&M, sometimes. More often at & other stories (exceptional design team). My family and friends in Lithuania still shop at H&M because it is affordable fashion. I tell them off and they look for alternatives. I have two beautifully designed skirts I bought over three years ago at H&M Oxford Circus. I like their design and I wear them with shame. But I try to consume fashion in the most sustainable way, so I don’t through them away.

I am writing to ask you to help me shake off the shame of wearing H&M. I am joining the Letter Campaign by the International Labor Rights Forum and Clean Clothes Org urging you to fulfil the safety commitment you made. They say: ‘End Deathtraps – Make Factories Safe!’ I couldn’t agree more.

We know you were a part of Rana Plaza, we also know you took some action and compensated the families of the people who died in the Bangladeshi factory you manufacture our clothes. However, you have also committed to trying and stopping this from happening again. Rana Plaza can’t happen again.

A fact: H&M was the first and the largest brand to sign on to the 2013 Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

A fact: Three years after promising to make its factories safe, more than 60% of H&M’s supplier factories still don’t have adequate fire exits.

A fact: H&M has committed to open 400 new stores in 2016.

Please keep up and help me get rid of the shame if wearing anything from the H&M ‘family’. Or I will keep urging my family to not wear anything you make (in horrible conditions).

Send a letter of yours to support this campaign!

Cover Photo: Screen Shot from the Documentary ‘Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion‘.