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Daniela Castellanos looks like a Colombian soap opera star – voluminous hair, glowing skin and a priceless smile with shiny white teeth. She could be in the beauty industry; I thought when I saw her face on my Twitter feed. She turned out to be in the fashion industry. My personal disconnection with the mainstream fashionistas made me check her profile and find out more. Daniela since then has become an aspiring fashion entrepreneur I can relate to.

daniela castellanosHer Social start-up Castellano Ethnic Origins feels very powerful. Daniela has created her fashion start-up to empower indigenous Colombian woman from Wayuu. Handcrafted handbags, backpacks and bracelets with ethnic motifs are not necessarily my cup of tea, but these are quite fun, especially if you like colourful accessories.

Castellano Ethnic OriginsThere are thousands of bags in the world, and I am not writing this column to promote a handbag. But I want to draw your attention to this positive fashion project. It has created jobs for over 200 women (some of them can work from home together with their happy daughters, at the hours they choose), it has been supplying clean water to the village, and it creates positivity in general. They’ve just launched a kick-starter campaign to help them scale and keep up the good work.

Castellano Ethnic Origins
Castellano Ethnic Origins

Why not get yourself a nice ethically produced handbag and be a part of a great initiative?


Check out and support Castellano Ethnic Origins on Kick Starter, where you can learn much more about the brand and the Colombian craftmanship.