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IDworkshop is a very young Lithuanian accessories brand founded in 2016. A team of two, Indre and Darius, are creating stylish and unique handmade accessories from leather and wood.

Fashion Bloc: Who are the people behind the company?

IDworkshop: a name of IDworkshop have two letters I and D for a reason – those letters are the first letters of our first names Indre and Darius. Indre is responsible for working with leather, and for the design development, Darius is producing unique details for the accessories and is also responsible for the photography of our works. We both are craftsmen, and we are doing everything in-house – from the production of IDworkshop stands to the small print work. All our fashion accessories are made in Europe.

IDworkshopFB: Tell us more about IDworkshop

ID: We are a team of two. We are very glad that life has united us and allowed to develop and grow not only on a creative path but also together as a couple. Shared interests and aspirations enabled us to understand better what we want to achieve and who we want to be. After a lot of explorations and examinations we focused on the creation of handmade accessories, and this is how our first collection of leather accessories was born. It’s been six months since our first collection, and we keep moving by contemplating new ideas for additional designs.

F.B: Where was IDworkshop born? 

ID: All our leather accessories are created in a beautiful European city of Lithuania – Kaunas.

F.B: What’s behind the name of your brand? 

ID: IDworkshop stands for modern and contemporary leather accessories for women. These accessories are designed to enhance a self-confident personality. We aim for our leather bracelets to become the leading accessory and a key style detail for the chosen outfit.

IDworkshopF.B: Where do you manufacture and source your materials?

ID: All our works are born in a small and cosy workshop, at our home. To get the highest quality, we are always looking for reliable partners who would provide us with materials for our handmade accessories. We are pleased to be able to cooperate with Italian companies. The quality of their products and materials are world-renowned.

F.B: What do you think about the Lithuanian fashion scene?

ID: Lithuania has many excellent designers and creative people, who can offer very different products and please different needs. I always admire people who are following fashion trends but are true to their individual style, and I’m proud there are quite a few Lithuanians who celebrate individuality and alternative fashion scene of new Europe.

IDworkshopF.B: How to wear IDworkshop?

ID: IDworkshop products are handmade bracelets and pendants. First of all, an accessory should match an existing wardrobe. We’d like our accessories to become a statement piece in that wardrobe. We design for women who like the classic style but are also offering some playful designs for them, such as beaded bracelets.

F.B: What is your big vision?

ID: Our big idea is to grow not only in Lithuania but also internationally. Naturally, we want to see our happy clients around the world.

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