Summer 2016: Donald Trump in Shoreditch Garbage

donald trump garbage Fashion Agency London
donald trump garbage
Donald Trump in Shoreditch

Just a quick note to say:

  • This photo was taken in Shoreditch, summer 2016. Everything looked like a joke back then, even Brexit didn’t look real.
  • Then, despite all major organisations, including British Fashion Council, were lobbying against it, Brexit happened. It was very hard for me, as a European citizen, to accept the fact.
  • It is even harder for me, as a World citizen, to accept the news the World has woken up to see today, on 9th of November 2016. Donald Trump has been elected a president of the United States. And now we all face an ethical dilemma – to resist and fight against what has already been decided or to accept the consequences and try and find the best possible solutions to the existing situation.
  • I wish that reason would always win over emotions. I wish that new Europe would survive without Britain and vice versa. I wish that Jeremy Scott’s and Hillary Cinton’s photograph on Twitter would have actually been prophetic.Good night.

    Jeremy Scott and Hillary Cinton Twitter Picture