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Black Friday Fashion Bloc Campaign Fashion Agency London

√ If you, like us, are tired of #BlackFriday videos where thousands of hypnotised $$ people break Walmart doors

√ If you, like us, pity security guards who often get hurt (physically and emotionally, most sure) by pan-pillow-tv-slippers-duvet-toothbrush-bra-eyebrow pluck-refrigerator-wedding dress-car-what’s not HUNGRY CONSUMERS

√ If you, like us, think that there is a better way to spend money than buying all the unnecessary (see above) things for yourself

√ If you, like us, strive to become a better person by shopping less and responsibly instead of buying blindly

If you are one of us (well, reasonable people), DON’T BUY ON A BLACK FRIDAY, don’t touch your credit card.

How many pairs of jeans do you really need this season? How many t-shirt do you actually wear (one on top of another, maybe?), how many parties do you plan to attend if you need another party dress? No, Jennifer will not remember that you wore this dress TWO years ago, no (unless you are Jennifer, then yes).

Last year, in the UK only, consumers spent over £3.3 billion over the Black Friday weekend. Yes, you got it right, that’s the number with 12 zeros. Think how much impact in the world we could have with that amount of money (maybe even overrule Trump or delete Brexit???).

Can’t prevent yourself from shopping loads as soon as you touch your credit card? By all means, we encourage you to #DontTouchIT this weekend. But if you’re keen to spend, here’s what you can do instead:

  1. Sponsor a Child in Bangladesh. Why Bangladesh? Bangladesh where most of the fast fashion is manufactured, often in hazardous conditions, often, by employing children. Why not give back to a society and children by becoming a Save the Children Bangladesh project sponsor? CLICK HERE to sponsor a child and find out more. If you’d only like to make a one-time donation, you can do it HERE. *
  2. Shop ethically. If you are really really keen to buy something beautiful this weekend, at least shop ethically. How can you do that? Buy from independent designer brands (if you still want that dress), go to the local markets (if a nice broccoli is your kind of a treat). Can’t find locally made fashion? Get inspired on Fashion Bloc. Yes, this is us promoting our platform to support the independent designers we represent.

In the meantime, Keep calm and DON’T TOUCH IT. Just spread this message and ask people to support this cause, if you like.

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Black Friday Fashion Bloc Campaign
Black Friday Fashion Bloc Campaign

*Disclaimer: Fashion Bloc LTD is not related to Save the Children organisation. We just think that it’s nicer to give than to receive.