VIDEO SERIES: Designer Ramune Piekautaite – a Stunning Model at 46

Ramune Piekautaite Perfume Advertisement Fashion Agency London
Designer Ramune Piekautaite
Designer Ramune Piekautaite

European womenswear designer Ramune Piekautaite is one of the best-known fashion names in her native Lithuania, with her romantic RTW womenswear line, bespoke couture orders (Lithuanian brides love her) and a newly released perfume her fashion house has it all.

Quite obviously, she is not just a talented designer and a successful businesswoman, she is also a stunning beauty who, at 46, is a perfect model for her own name perfume. No surprise she used to work as a professional model in the 80s.

“It was a huge challenge for me to stand in front of the camera again. I have already forgotten how incredibly hard modelling was”, – says Piekautaite about her perfume campaign

Well, we think it looks flawless, with silky smooth atmosphere and soft music by the composer Marius Narbutis. What do you say?

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Get your own Eau de Parfum by Ramune Piekautaite on her online store.