Meet the Designer: Dots Dash is Changing the Way We Shop Designer Footwear

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Dovile Sertvytyte is a Lithuanian based in Spain who brought a new meaning to the footwear design. A game-changing collaborative design project Dots Dash is a footwear brand and an online store uniting an impressive team of accomplished designers from around the world. Fashion Bloc talks with Ms Sertvytyte about the Vetements type of the brand for designer footwear.

Dots Dash Designers
Dots Dash Talents

Fashion Bloc: How did you come up with this idea and when did it come to live?

Dovile Sertvytyte: Dots Dash started as an idea to bring together and enable talented and motivated people from all over the world who want to show their capabilities and need the playground of freedom and flexibility. Therefore, in 2015 Dots Dash brand was launched. We wanted to give a voice not only for our team but the customers as well by inviting them to take a walk with us into the world of fashion. So platform was created to enable our clients to discover stories behind the products and invite them to join the creative process.

FB: Can you lead us through a timeline of your young brand and your customer profile?

DS: In 2015 Dots Dash launched its Talent Push Me Program through which we have assembled an impressive team of most talented designers.

In 2016 September, the new platform has been launched inviting our visitors to find unique designs, stories behind them and allowing them to upvote their favourite products live on a platform. Our customer is a woman who values style and luxury. Whether she is rushing through the streets of Paris, Madrid, or London. She may be a designer, a student, or someone running a business of her own. Above all, she knows what she wants – a modern and sophisticated shoe of the highest quality which fits her fast-paced lifestyle.

Dots Dash Drew
Dots Dash Drew

FB: Please tell us more about the design and production process of your unique brand, which is very intriguing.

DS: Dots Dash designers are members of our Talent Push Me Program. By collaborating with top ranking fashion schools such as London College of Fashion, Polimoda, Istituto Europeo di Design and more, only the most promising Talents are chosen from a huge number of applicants to become a part of Dots Dash team. The program is currently open, and Dots Dash is constantly looking for new Talents to join our team.

Each designer is given a simple brief to find the perfect shoe for her. Dots Dash allows designers to express themselves without limiting their creative process. Therefore, each talent interprets the brief in their way. For some, it is bold accents, for others subtle embellishments. Some think the perfect shoe is embodied in a person who’d inspired them; others see it in a place where they had lived and worked; but most importantly all our designers share a love for craft and a passion for footwear design, as shown in our current collection.

Dots Dash
Dots Dash

Afterwards, each design goes through extensive prototyping; Dots Dash dedication to excellence demands a rigorous process; moreover, we take extra care to create those details which make a shoe stand out; custom soles and embossed materials mark the difference between run-of-the-mill and real style.

Our concept is to put lovers of high-quality shoes in the driving seat. For far too long consumers have been told what to do, buy and wear. Dots Dash gives them the opportunity to reverse this and to become the direction of tomorrow’s fashion, today. By voting for or pre-ordering their favourite design, users decide which shoes should go into production and which top-performing designers will be invited to release their full collections.

Dots Dash Nubium
Dots Dash Nubium

FB: You are based in Spain, do you also manufacture locally?

DS: Dots Dash main office and production are located in Spain, Alicante’s region, known for its footwear industry, recognised by famous international brands. Dots Dash works with a small number of manufacturing partners in Spain depending on the needs of a particular design. But all of our carefully selected partners have been in business for generations, and they are inspirational when it comes to the craft of shoemaking and to bringing great ideas to life. We go through multiple prototypes and fittings to meet quality and comfort standards before we lock in the production and feel confident by offering our products of the highest standard to our customers.

FB: What does Made in Europe mean to you?

DS: Made in EU – a product that has been assembled in one of the factories in Europe, providing fair working conditions to employees and expertise, and higher-quality standards to the client. Obviously, as well as supporting our local markets, businesses and encouraging fair competition.

Dots Dash Wander
Dots Dash Wander

FB: Why is Dots Dash unique?

DS: We shape tomorrow’s fashion in a democratic manner. By enabling top-notch emerging designers and inviting our customers to become the participants themselves, Dots Dash makes unique and gorgeous shoes of the highest quality for every woman who craves style as well as the luxury for everyday wear.

FB: So who are those talents behind your unique products?

DS: Through our Dots Dash Talent Push Me Program we recruited an impressive team of 10 top-notch talents – graduates of top ranking schools like London College of Fashion, Polimoda, IED, winners of competitions or people who have worked for brands such as Tory Burch, DKNY and more or even designed for some of the most famous individuals in the world like Taylor Swift. Most importantly, Dots Dash talents are designers who are dedicated and passionate about their craft and design. I could not be more proud of every single one of them, and it has been an honour to work with these incredible designers. Therefore, I invite you to meet each Talent and their stories behind at