VIDEO SERIES: Statkevicius SS17 when Folk gets Controversial

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Juozas Statkevicius SS17
Juozas Statkevicius SS17 © Youtube

Lithuanian fashion designer Juozas Statkevicius is always a talk of the town. He claims to be the only couture (real one, Paris approved) designer in Lithuania (or the Baltics) and people love him. If not him, his collections by all means. He puts a bar very high for the rest of them all, at the same time, he likes the scandalous type of his personal PR – his seasonal shows, always bombastic and widely advertised, are also controversial in one way or another.

Last year closed with the SS17 collection that was created to celebrate Lithuanian national costume. The real national costume is quite boring, to be completely honest (please see below) and Mr Statkevicius (sometimes also known as Joseph Statkus overseas) did a brilliant job to revive it. Using traditional techniques of waiving and employing local craftsmen, the designer managed to create sexy and wearable pieces.

Traditional Lithuanian Costume, Wikipedia
Traditional Lithuanian Costume, © Wikipedia

Here are the highlights of Juozas Statkevicius SS17.

Cool factor No. 1. Lithuanian folk just got sexy

Folk and sexy are not usually used in the same sentence (unless it’s Oktoberfest). Especially the refined version of sexy, something you would actually want to wear, not just drink beer wearing it. The coolest factor about the Juozas Statkevicius SS17 collection – Lithuanian folk has got a sexy makeover for the first time in the history. Moreover, the precision and details of each piece will make your head spin, whether you’re Lithuanian or you haven’t been to Europe before.

Cool factor No. 2. The clogs – a new trend that you can start

Have you heard about clogs? The (usually) wooden shoes traditionally associated with farmers and agriculture? You must have seen or worn the Swedish Träskor that must be the only fashionable derivative. And now is your moment to become a trendsetter with this new version of the Lithuanian clogs by Juozas Statkevicius. In lacquer black, so chic! I genuinely want a pair for myself.

Juozas Statkevicius SS17 © Youtube
Juozas Statkevicius SS17 © Youtube

Controversy No. 1 Chanel

As I mentioned before, Statkevicius shows are always controversial in one way or another. This time it’s to do with the setting of the show in Vilnius. Since Mr Statkus was referencing Lithuanian folk culture, the show was set to become a luxurious farm, with hay, barn, and even farm animals. Which many fashionistas have found too similar to the Chanel SS10 show that Karl Lagerfeld set in farm-like surroundings. We say fashion goes in circles and inspiration hasn’t hurt anyone, or has it? If you Google SS2010 Chanel farm, you will not miss the pictures.

Video by Audrius Gavenas © Youtube

Controversy No. 2. Live Animals

A second controversy though seems to be more delicate. After a Lithuanian vlogger, Chanelette published her exclusive video review of the show, including backstage, the Internet gone wild – commentators were appalled by the fact that live animals were used in the show.

“Nice vlog but I have to say that I would charge them a huge fine for having those poor animals there,” – says one commentator.

We have tried to reach the designer for the comment, but no answer was received by the date of the publication. We hope that no animals were hurt and they’re all live and kicking.

The show was beautiful, however, see it for yourself here:

Video by Ieva Maslauskaite @Chanelette © Youtube