Meet the Designer: The Secret Behind Colourful Socks

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Did you know that lawyers who wear colourful socks are seen as more trustworthy? Founder and Creative Director of the colourful sock brand Smart Booby Simona Valikonyte told us so, and we do believe this is the case. Meet Simona, the girl who knows what do men want (or need, at least).

Sikona Valikonyte
Simona Valikonayte

Fashion Bloc: So what is the story behind Smart Booby?

Simona Valikonyte: Socks and tights were always an important part of my wardrobe. Having seen the poor choice of men socks in Lithuania, with no colours and no design patterns, I have decided to materialise a long-brewed idea. In 2014 Smart Booby was born.

FB: Tell us about yourself.

SV: I am a marketing specialist with over 8 years of experience. Currently, I work for the aviation company whose clients also become fans of Smart Booby more often than not. Officially, I am a solo founder, but I have a huge supporting team that can help me with branding, packaging design, photoshoots and much more.

Smart Booby Socks
Smart Booby Socks
Smart Booby Socks
Smart Booby Socks

FB: Smart Booby socks are all so different, where do you find ideas for new patterns?

SV: Each pattern tells a different story. It can be inspired by a conversation, new aroma, a movie, fresh snow. I believe in finding joy in small things, and they can become your inspiration.

FB: What does Smart Booby mean?

SV: Booby, a Blue-Footed Booby to be precise, is a wonderful bird of the Galapagos Islands. Male Boobies dance a mating dance for the female booby attention, and the one with the most beautiful blue legs wins the competition. Just like humans – to be noticed, we put our best shoes(socks) on and dance through the life.

Nida by Smart Booby
Nida by Smart Booby

FB: Socks is an interesting niche of the apparel industry – what interesting facts can you tell about them?

SV: Before I launched Smart Booby I read and researched a lot about socks and their part in the wardrobe. A minor detail at a glance, which actually can be very impactful. Apparently, Americans trust lawyers who wear colourful socks more than the ones who don’t. They associate with maturity, individualism and opinionated personality. My biggest discovery was that even the most conservative types could be persuaded to wear colourful socks that later become their bright accent of the smart attire.

FB: Smart Booby is a Lithuanian brand, where do you manufacture and what is a process?

SV: Smart Booby is made in the Baltic States. The idea first materialises on the computer screen. The sketch is then sent to a factory. The rest is a lottery – how accurate can be the production of a quite detailed drawing. After choosing colours, samples are made that are either approved or dismissed until the best version is achieved.

Smart Booby Socks
Smart Booby Socks

FB: Who wears colourful socks with drawings?

SV: Personalities. Most often, these are C-level employees or managers, or business owners. They usually wear colourful socks with illustrations together with a classic suit.

FB: What would be your ultimate Tweet (140 characters max) to describe Smart Booby?

SV: Style starts at the toes! Smart Booby Socks – an essential part of a charismatic wardrobe.

FB: One Lithuanian word and its English translation.

SV: Nuotykiai. Adventures.

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