VIDEO SERIES: 5 Steps to a Perfect Shoe by Dots Dash

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Ever wondered what is it like to create a product that everyone else will enjoy wearing? What are the essential steps? In this short video a European footwear design platform Dots Dash shares a process of creating a perfect shoe.

Designer Footwear Dots Dash Alter
Dots Dash Alter

Dots Dash is a fashion platform offering designer footwear by selected shoe designers and a unique concept of, as they call it, fashion democracy – each pair of shoes is upvoted and pre-ordered on the platform to be released for sale.

All shoes are unique and different but they all require at least five essential steps to becoming a perfect pair, and these are the steps:

  1. Moodboard. Inspiration can come from everywhere, but the first actual materialisation of the thought is a mood board where a designer shares a collection of ‘moods’ for the new design. It can be colours, people, buildings, nature, anything.
  2.  First sketch. First Sketches are made inspired by the mood board, usually drawn by hand. This is when a designer re-imagines the product in its actual form and shape.
  3. Final sketches. After the first sketch is complete, it is usually followed by digital sketches and different variations in colour and materials until finally, the product is complete on paper or screen. This is what is to be sent to the manufacturer.
  4. Prototyping. Prototyping as many times as needed, to notice, amend and avoid any mistakes in design or production.
  5. Manufacturing a perfect pair of shoes.

Discover Dots Dash on Fashion Bloc, shop your perfect pair of shoes on their website.