Belarusian Designer Creates Extraordinary Sleep Masks

'Masterpieces Never Sleep' by Lesha Limonov, ©Youtube Fashion Agency London
'Masterpieces Never Sleep' by Lesha Limonov, ©Youtube
‘Masterpieces Never Sleep’ by Lesha Limonov, ©Youtube

Have you ever thought how do you look like while asleep? Do you make funny faces, frown, your eyeballs rolling under the eyelids? Belarusian designer Lesha Limonov is offering to wear the eyes from famous paintings instead of your own face, and the problem is solved – you look like a masterpiece, quite literally. Extraordinary sleep masks titled ‘Masterpieces Never Sleep’ is the latest project by the Belarusian graphic designer and his entry to the international design competition at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Limonov re-imagined famous paintings and turned them into the extraordinary sleep masks promising a calm night’s sleep as the eyes of the paintings never sleep and will guard for you. It’s hard to imagine, but you can wear Vincent Van Gogh.

According to Designboom, the designer was influenced by the idea that the artworks stay awake at night after the museums shut their doors. There is a slight possibility that whoever is sleeping next to you will also hardly shut their eyes with the close-up of Rembrandt’s self-portrait next to their face.