NAT Atelier: London-Lvov-Poznan

Nat Atelier Creative Director Fashion Agency London

When Fashion Bloc became a media partner for NAT Atelier, AW17 show at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days with Fashion Scout, it was the first time I heard about the Ukrainian London-based brand and its Creative Director Nat Stakhniv. A 33-year-old lives in between his hometown Lvov in Ukraine and Poznan (Poland) while operating his business from London with his business partner Ireneusz Mackowiak. The brand was launched in 2015.

Nat Atelier Creative DirectorToday we catch up with Nat and talk about the first steps as a fashion brand and their first catwalk show.

FB: What is your background in fashion? Have you worked as a designer before?

Nat Stakhniv: I had been working at Fashion Week for seven years before launching the brand. I studied the structure of fashion industry and had developed my creative side. I was not a designer in a full sense though I assisted at creating of several collections.

Emerging Designer NAT AtelierEmerging Designer NAT AtelierEmerging Designer NAT AtelierFB: Please tell us a bit more about yourself, what are your other passions besides fashion?

NT: I am 33, I live between Lvov and Poznan. I am passionate about music, literature and cinematography. I am also interested in architecture and visual arts.

FB: How would you describe your brand in one sentence?

NS: I’d say – emotional graphics.

Emerging Designer NAT AtelierEmerging Designer NAT AtelierEmerging Designer NAT AtelierEmerging Designer NAT AtelierFB: Was Fashion Scout your first fashion show? 

NS: We showed two collections on smaller platforms. In a way, it was our preparation for a bigger step. We got ready to represent our brand at a large-scale event.

FB: Your AW17 collection was inspired by the 1930s constructive fashion, why is that? Do you often look for inspiration in the last century?

NS: To be more precise, my collection is inspired by constructivism of architecture and art much more than that of fashion, though some elements from the fashion of that time are also included. Constructivism of that time was an innovative direction and remains such as a part of functionalism. The trend is very relevant in modern design; its idea is about that subtle balance between functionality and art which is so important in fashion nowadays.

Emerging Designer NAT Atelier700_4612Emerging Designer NAT AtelierFB: What is a statement of your new collection?

NS: Balance is the golden ratio.

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