What you need to know before applying for Tranöi Paris

Tranoi Paris Women's Pre-collections Fashion Agency London

What is Tranöi Tradeshow?

In their own words: Four times a year during Paris Fashion Week, and twice a year during New York Market Week, the TRANOÏ fashion trade show takes place in prestigious venues and establishes a relationship between creativity and business. TRANOÏ, which means “between us” in Italian, is an artistic platform that gathers and curates the very best of avant-garde and progressive designers as well as contemporary and leading brands and puts them in the hands of the most influential players in the fashion industry.

What is Tranöi Paris Women’s Pre-Collections?

In their own words: An integral rendezvous on the Parisian fashion calendar since 2013, TRANOÏ Paris: Women’s Pre-Collections was created to meet the demands of an evolving market after the realization that buying trends and consumer habits were dramatically shifting due to a variety of technological, socioeconomic and lifestyle influences in the last few years. TRANOÏ Paris: Women’s Pre-Collections not only takes advantage of the presence of international buyers in Paris for the men’s shows but primarily for designers to show four collections each year as opposed to historically two main collections. This increase of frequency injects fresh energy into the distribution line with more frequent and more regular deliveries into stores four times a year, which also allows for more flexibility in buyers budget.

Are you ready to apply?

Answer our short checklist to make sure you’re ready for the international tradeshow like Tranöi. If you answer YES to 6 questions or more, why don’t you try and apply (it takes the time to apply but doesn’t cost money). If not, you may want to try and visit the tradeshow first before investing in it.

  1. Have you participated in any international multi-brand showrooms/tradeshows outside your local market before?


  1. Do you have a PR and Sales budget?


  1. Have you been to Tranöi Paris before (as a visitor, or as a participant)?


  1. Do you work with a Sales agent?


  1. Do you have production capacities to scale?


  1. Do you have buyers database or at least a couple of contacts to invite?


  1. Can you afford not to get any orders from this tradeshow (if that’s your first time, you’re unlikely to receive many orders)?


  1. Are there any other benefits for you to participate (besides wholesale opportunities)?


  1. Is this the best financial investment this season for your brand?


If you haven’t been to any tradeshow before, we strongly recommend visiting first before you go and decide to participate. Register as a visitor here: http://www.tranoi.com/page/79/visitors

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