How to effectively use DIY Monthly

Fashion Agency London

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  1. 1st Monday of the month, the email arrives. Sit back, relax and enjoy the invaluable contents of the beautiful email that just arrived in your inbox.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the email and check the Opportunity of the Month. If this is an interesting proposition, apply immediately – places are always limited to 1-2 brands, a bit like Beyonce concert tickets – sold out in less than a minute (except this is with no extra cost and there is a very slight chance that Beyonce will be your mentor…). Done.
  3. Read our supportive articles with a cup of coffee, which means you are still relaxing and already developing new brain cells with all this new information.
  4. In the first week of receiving our DIY email, plan your monthly strategy.
  5. Select the areas you will be concentrating on this month, whether this is PR, Retail, Wholesale, Production or maybe getting in touch and presenting your brand to our featured industry insider.
  6. When you’ve decided your priority areas, bookmark the rest of the content TO BE DONE in the future. Don’t forget to add all the contact information to your address book, you might lose the email (please, don’t) but you need to be able to check back once the right time comes.
  7. Start building your event calendar, if you’re not applying this time, you might be ready next year – add a reminder to refer back in 6-12 months as our featured events are seasonal or annual.
  8. Start building your journalist database. If you don’t have a perfect pitch for this month’s editorial request, add the editor/stylist to your media database; don’t forget to follow the editor and the publication on Social Media (especially Twitter) and start building the relationship straight away: like, reply, retweet, repeat.
  9. Don’t rush into anything. Please use our advice, read all the information available, visit all the websites, do all the Social media connections. Before applying, emailing or calling – make sure you are ready. And yes, do call after sending an email – always helps!
  10. Relax (again) and persevere. Building your business takes a long (looooong) time. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’m sure, you already know that as well. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t receive Press coverage or don’t win a competition straight away. This happens, even if you are with a PR or Sales agency – to bring brand awareness might take several seasons or several years. What we give you – an opportunity to learn and understand the industry independently with the lowest costs possible before you have a budget to spend on all the international fashion weeks without biting your nails.

Take back control and become your own PR & Sales agency, be business savvy and stand for your brand.