Fresh flavour in the Jewellery Dessert Kitchen of Tadam!

Tadam! Tiny Treat Collection and new logo jewellery dessert Fashion Agency London

One of the most exciting jewellery brands from Lithuania Tadam! is counting 5 years of success and welcomes spring with a fresh flavour. Celebrating their birthday, Tadam! has introduced a new logo, highlighting the mood of disengaged creativity, as well as a new collection “Tiny Treat”, further developing the unique concept of sensory delights in jewellery dessert kitchen.

Tadam! Tiny Treat Collection and new logo jewellery dessert
Tadam! Tiny Treat Collection and new logo

Creative Director Deimantė Litvinaitė described the new jewellery collection “Tiny treat” as laconic, modern, and dedicated to the city heroes. Best of all, this new line is a result of an ethically responsible production process. “Our new bracelets are made of animal-free materials, as we have deliberately rejected the use of silk”, claims Litvinaitė.

“During the long collection creation process I was thinking of a link between everyday snacks that we munch at work, Sunday picnic or on the way to the new holiday home, and what kind of associations they bring”, explains the designer.

Mood-grey-pretzel-bracelet-tadam“Tiny treat” is about the forms and tastes that instantly bring back the brightest childhood experiences, emotionally electrified first dates, memorable city weekends, and breathtaking travel adventures. They are embodied in seven delicious treats, sitting on your body as subtle symbols of your dearest life moments, emotions and memories:

olive-green-banana-braceletStick ice cream – remember when you were first sunbathing at the beach.

Ice cream in a waffle cone – remember the city you saw when the tube came out to the day light.

“Heart” cookie – remember that special moment and the shivers running all over your skin.

Pretzel – remember that pleasant excitement when you were packing for your furthest trip so far.

Cheese bite – remember the venturesome goal seeking when you were climbing up the mountains.

Doughnut – remember the pleasant weekend rituals.

Banana – remember the mellow dreams, which were meant to come true.

“Tadam!” jewellery desserts are available online at


Photos: Monika Penkutė and Deimantė Litvinaitė;

Model: Aistė Jūrė;
Style: Deimantė Litvinaitė and Giedrė Anužytė
Nail design: “Nail Game”;
Make up: Greta Juozaponytė.