Vegan Jewellery Explained by Tadam! Creative Director

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Sustainable fashion is a term we hear more often now than ever. Using this momentum, we are happy to celebrate sustainable fashion designers represented by Fashion Bloc – from locally made to vegan. But fashion is not the only conscious choice we should make. Did you know that jewellery as well can be vegan?

We have caught up with our favourite Lithuanian concept jewellery brand Tadam! to find out more about their vegan approach to fashion. Tadam! Founder and Creative Director Deimante Litvinaite explained us her vegan approach to business and why creating responsibly is at the core of the food-inspired jewellery brand.

Tiny Treat Collection
Tiny Treat Collection

Tadam! has recently launched a new product line Tiny Treat, where they emphasise silk-free vegan jewellery concept.

Fashion Bloc: When did you decide to introduce a new line and why?

Deimante Litvinaite: I had an idea for the new collection in my mind for about a year before it was born. It came out naturally as a new product not only for our fans and customers but also as a renewal of the brand, some really pleasant and fresh air and excitement for the whole team.

FB: Have you changed to become a sustainable jewellery brand or was it always in your DNA?

Deimante: Tadam! has always been supporting sustainable fashion. We have never made fast-fashion products, but rather quality items with a lasting conceptual as well as physical values. This has always been our priority.

Tiny Treat Collection
Tiny Treat Collection

FB: What is vegan jewellery?

Deimante: Jewellery made of animal-free materials may be called vegan. Also, jewellery promoting vegan lifestyle – conceptually and physically may also be called vegan. We have deliberately rejected the use of silk as an animal-origin material for our new products (Tiny treat and Sweet Course ~ Play collections). Silk is produced by killing living creatures and exploiting human labour, which does not comply with our brand’s values.

FB: How do you produce Tadam! jewellery?

Deimante: Our products are handmade in Lithuania. Our iconic ceramic pendants – doughnuts, chocolate bars, peanuts, veggies are made individually for up to 10 days by our ceramic artists. Each ceramic pendant is fired from 2 to 5 times in a ceramic oven. 24K gold-plated silver 925 and silver 925 dessert-concept details used in our new Tiny Treat collection are laser-cut and then finished by hand. Each jewellery item turns into a beautifully finished piece by my own hands.

Sweet Course ~ Play collection
Sweet Course ~ Play collection

FB: Why should people care about what they wear?

Deimante: There are several reasons for that. We all should be concerned about the environmental damage (pollution, social abuse, etc.) caused by the global fast-fashion industry. The bigger production volumes and consumption, the greater damage to our environment we live in. To make a change, we should start from ourselves. Also, high-quality, sustainable items last longer, which means you buy less and save money.

FB: Did this change affect your personal choices in daily life?

Deimante: I am an active animal rights supporter and have been vegan for almost three years now. I do not eat animal-origin food, and I do not wear or use animal-origin things. I do believe that no human being has a right to kill any life for the sake of his or her well-being.

Tiny Treat Collection
Tiny Treat Collection

FB: How do you live sustainably?

Deimante: I want to know the origin of things I buy, eat, use and wear. I spend the time to learn about that if necessary.

FB: What is your signature product or which one do you wear yourself?

Deimante: It’s most probably a doughnut pendant from our iconic The Sweet Course for Your Eyes collection and the trendy version of it – Sweet Course ~ Play collection. Our customers have naturally been associating Tadam! with doughnuts since our launch in 2013. So, doughnuts are our signature products.
I am now wearing different 24K gold-plated silver 925 bracelets and earrings from our Tiny treat collection. They are colourful and tiny, adding a vibrant spice to any spring-summer outfit.