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iTEM magazine

Meet iTEM magazine, a California-based bi-annual print magazine and online platform for rising stars in arts and fashion. The interview is a part of our DIY Fashion Agency membership subscription. Full details available to our London fashion agency email subscribers only.

We speak with the founder and Editor-In-Chief Tyler Drinnen to find out more.

In This Exact Moment Magazine, a.k.a. iTEM MAG is a platform which highlights the California cultural experience through fashion and art by visually and metaphorically showcasing it to all creative communities. iTEM is built for artists and non-artists alike, a community that appreciates collaboration and values open-mindedness when it comes to presenting those different perspectives.

iTEM magazine
iTEM magazine

The funny thing about trying to be “in this exact moment” is that no matter how hard we try we can never truly be in the exact moment and that is why the E is backwards in the iTEM logo. The irony of iTEM applies to the fashion industry because the industry strives to be in the moment but is constantly working months in advance to sustain itself. 

The iTEM label is also sort of an homage to the fashion industry too because the industry is known to use the phrase such as “it item” referencing to ‘must have’ products which are representing fashions at that time. I want to capture an underground perspective and fuse it with the mainstream to bring a more balanced perspective. 

iTEM magazine
iTEM magazine

Fashion Bloc: Who are the people and projects you feature? 

We feature all genres of artists from every walk of life; designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, musicians, dancers, among many other contributors in the fields of fashion and arts. We develop original features based on the artist production and if they seamlessly fall in line with our publications mission. We also are currently seeking out individuals to do exclusive content for our readers, where contributors are given an opportunity to showcase and sell the artwork.

Fashion Bloc: Who are your readers?

Our readers spawn from the urban city streets of the California Bay Area and they carry a millennial mindset with them (no matter their age, identity gender, sexual orientation and so forth) that they understand and respect that freedom of expression is rooted in our culture.  Our readers understand that fashion and art can be put towards a good purpose. They are outliers as much as they are game players, and we appreciate that!

iTEM readers respect and expect diversity in every aspect. They comprehend that without the underground culture there would be no mainstream pop culture and respectfully vice versa. They also understand we need balance, in every aspect. iTEM readers are always looking forward to the next best thing as much as they are striving to be in the moment. 

iTEM magazine
iTEM magazine

When iTEM was in its pre-issue stage the ISSU Magazine Blog said, “The sultry, dark imagery is a step away from runway fashion, but it’s sure to hold your attention.” 

Fashion Bloc: How have you started working with emerging talent in fashion and arts? 

I have worked with a few talents operating out of our local Bay Area and have found many emerging artists through Instagram and social events, that I am currently working on collaborating with. Check out the feature section, which is where we showcase interviews and beautiful works of art from our emerging talents. We hope to have artists from every walk of life contribute to the voice of our publication as we evolve.

Fashion Bloc: Why do you strive to support rising stars in fashion and arts?

I have always fought for self-expression. Rising stars, “artists” in all respects, usually have some of the best talents around yet they are the ones that are the most overlooked by the mainstream media. This could simply be by their lack of- let’s just say- commerciality for instance. I personally don’t live in a world that can ignore when talent sits right in front of me. That is just isn’t a part of who I am.

One of my very few goals in life was to launch this company and now I’m here finally doing it not just for me, but for other artists. I strive to support rising stars in fashion and the arts by giving them a platform to showcase their work and for the potential to take part in a bigger cause. I think we need to foster freedom of expression in the arts because I think that is where people discover things about themselves that they may have not known had already existed within them.

Capsule Gallery/ Additional Info

There are a few surprises to stay tuned for this summer, so we don’t want to give away too much information just yet, but I can tell you this much:

This June 21st, 2017 iTEM MAG will introduce its first exclusive art gallery capsule collection by the Editor, titled “#STATICSUMMER” which will carry a small series of original one-of-a-kind pieces of art, as well as other limited print products for everyone that believes in our company’s mission to support the arts.

iTEM has produced its first combined fashion and art print issue “STATIC” which is the first chapter in our company’s history. We welcome all into the perspective of breaking through the noise and finding our way. This is the first piece available to order. 

We will have more product available from June 2- June 20 before the full gallery release. We also donate 10% of every purchased product and put it towards our Annual Rising Artists Scholarship Award, which is given to a chosen contributor to pursue a creative career or education. More info can be found on our site to be considered for the annual scholarship. 

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