Odessa launch: M.I.A. meets Ukrainian fashion

A new campaign by Mercedes-Ben featuring M.I.A. Celebrates Ukrainian fashion. Launched at Odessa Fashion Days – one of the many international fashion weeks supported by Mercedes-Benz group, a video campaign features a British rapper M.I.A. wearing one of the Ukrainian designer’s garments.

Mercedes-Benz Kiev fashion Days SS18 Odessa Campaign London fashion agency fashion bloc
Mercedes-Benz Kiev fashion Days SS18 Odessa Campaign

Summer clothes by a young Ukrainian designer Anna October, one of the Ukrainian designers to watch on Fashion Bloc radar, are floating in the wind while M.I.A. and another female model linger on the rocks surrounded by wild nature, flowers and, obviously, Mercedes-Benz cars.

According to the official Press Release by Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, a mother organisation for Odessa Fashion Days, this is the first international campaign of that scale that was officially launched in Odessa. Shot by Luc Gilford in California, the campaign announces a continuous collaboration between the luxury vehicle manufacturers and fresh fashion talent, where fashion and business collide.

The tagline says ‘You go your way. And I will follow you’.

Ok, we’ll follow what comes next.

Stay tuned for more from Odessa Fashion Days.