Meet the Insider: Aga Kurzawa on Digital Marketing in Fashion

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Is Social Media something you use but don’t see a direct benefit from it? Have you worked with influencers before? Do you know how to plan your digital marketing budget? All these questions and more answered by the Marketing Consultant Agnieszka Kurzawa, who is a DIY Fashion Agency expert of the month (if you are a member, you have a chance to win a free consultation).

Agnieszka Kurzawa Marketing Consultant Fashion Bloc
Agnieszka Kurzawa

Fashion Bloc: What is your favourite social platform from a professional point of view?

Each platform can be used differently and some are better for certain industries (and regions) than others. If it is to target UK market my favourite platform is Instagram – it’s a great tool to promote a product and create engagement via hashtags, content and influencers – and your most devoted consumers love to promote your brand on there too! I personally also see a lot of potential on Pinterest. It is more diverse, its search is great and it’s more of a discovery platform. Also, drives traffic directly to your website, which is limited on Instagram.

@FollowMeTo ©Instagram Photo
@FollowMeTo ©Instagram Photo

FB: What influencers do you follow and why?

@ChessieKingg – Love this girl! She’s a fashion, fitness, popcorn lover Tv presenter-wannabe and she’s very blunt and honest about her looks, her issues with skin and everyday life. She does a lot of positive image promotion, charity work and the ‘be happy’ approach. Also, she’s my height so she’s great at promoting outfits that actually fit me!

@FollowMeTo couple – Nataly & Murat Osmann – Russian couple famous for the #followmeto holding hands photos. They are great in defining the creative approach to photos and video taking, they travel the world, they wear amazing outfits and they are just happy and great to look at.

@Pixeville – A female photographer from Dubai – takes great shots of the city and not only, mostly from the rooftops of the skyscrapers so not your regular kind of views!

@Jacob, Jeremy Jauncey & Tom Jauncey from Beautiful Destinations – these guys started a great travel-related account and I love them for redefining how content is leading the way in travel industry now. Their photos bring the images to live with colours, their videos transport you to the places they visit and their sense of style makes you wish you dated one of them 😉

@Chessieking Instagram Account
@Chessieking Instagram Account

FB: What are the best platforms for the fashion brands to be on?

Accounts on  Instagram, Pinterest

Ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Google Shopping

FB: Are there any platforms apart from the usual ones (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube) that fashion brands should use to engage with their audience?

Bloglovin – great for having bloggers mentioning you, working with influencers (!), partnerships with similar brands, boutique stores.

FB: How to engage with your Social following?

Think how you use social media channels on the everyday basis and apply it to your audience. It’s important you are relevant – so you post the right content, speak the right language to the right people at the right time. Also, do your homework – check what works for your competition, how they engage, what brings them traffic and learn from it.

A great way to create an engagement is asking questions and doing competitions and giveaways.

FB: What are the main digital marketing actions that every brand, no matter big or small, should take?

Create a website and install Google Analytics. Create social media channels and advertising accounts on Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising

FB: What about paid Social Media ads and Google ads? How to understand which one to use?

The right channel depends on the type of the audience you are willing to target. Different users search for products differently. On average, people spend 2-3 hours a day on their social media channels, browsing through, however – in general – social media advertising is great for creating brand awareness, but doesn’t necessarily convert users into buyers.

AdWords space is very competitive and fashion brands will have to face competition such as Farfetch or Asos or bigger brands, which means you might easily exhaust your budget for a little return. Google AdWords is great for remarketing, so bringing your past visitors back to your website, so I would recommend creating and investing in both channels

Pinterest Fashion Bloc
Pinterest Fashion Bloc

FB: How to plan your budget for the Social Media advertising?

In general, most companies spend around 5-15% of annual revenue on marketing and around third of it should go towards digital channels with a quarter of it for social media.

FB: Should fashion brands pay the influencers for product endorsements? What is the right amount to pay, if so?

Where possible, try to give a product for free without paying additionally for promotion. It obviously depends on the size of the influencer and perceived benefit from it. Chessie, for instance, is great for promoting sexy dresses and shorts to tall women, but would she be good for promoting statement pieces? I don’t think so, as her audience is a ‘fast fashion craving’ audience.

In general, bigger influencers bring less return on investment, so I would recommend sticking to influencers with less than 100k followers. Find your niche and see how they work, comment on their posts – often – they will reach out to you first.

Fashion Bloc Instagram Account
Fashion Bloc Instagram Account

Also, utilise your most devoted consumers – see them in your dress? Endorse them. Create a hashtag for people to use too. Ag great way for securing a promo spot is using influencer platforms like Tribe.

FB: One mistake most of the Social Media Marketing newbies do.

They don’t optimise their accounts for the channel and don’t engage with their followers.

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