Meet the Designer: Tegul Bega, your legs never boring again

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Ruta is a young Lithuanian on a mission to liberate the legs, everyone’s legs. In the bigger picture, to liberate the society from the norms and stereotypes. Her leggings’ label Tegul Bega is doing just that.

Ruta Tegul Bega Designer with Fashion Agency London
Ruta, Tegul Bega

Fashion Bloc: What is Tegul Bega in one sentence?

Tegul Bega is a name for fancy leggings on a mission to minimise the number of the boring looking legs in the world.

FB: Who are you and what is your vision?

I am Ruta. As far as I remember, I was always a creative soul: I went to the art school, I was doing photography, I wrote poetry and have chosen creative industries for my degree. I never really had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life until I made my first pair of leggings at the sewing courses. That combination of velour and spandex was a founding stone for the launch of Tegul Bega.


tegul bega leggings emerging Fashion Agency London
Tegul Bega leggings

My creative vision is expanding every season and more accessories are added: embroidered drawings, beads, fringes, etc. I can envisage how Tegul Bega could become a symbol of liberation against norms and stereotypes. I hope that people will become less influenced by what others might think and will start dressing in a way they want not comparing themselves to the glossy magazines.

Fashion Agency London
Tegul Bega

FB: Why leggings?

Out of necessity. I was looking to wear something more exciting than skinny black jeans. The existing leggings at the time were poor quality or bad fit. That’s when I decided to make myself a perfect pair of leggings that was nothing like anything out there. The idea for a brand was born.

Fashion Agency London

Fashion Agency London
Tegul Bega

FB: What is it like to be an emerging fashion brand?

It is a process that requires a lot of work and patience. Especially when you are doing everything by yourself. There are a lot of areas that you have to know or at least dedicate the time to research. It is more work than a traditional 9 to 5 job but on the flip side, it is more rewarding in a way that you can express your ideas creatively. You get to create your own little world.

FB: What challenges do you face?

Lithuania is quite a small market and people tend to dress more conservatively. I do get comments that the brand is too brash for the local taste. People think that the leggings are expensive to which I reply that they are not mass produced and each and every one of them is painstakingly stitched together by hands.

It is always hard to restrain my ‘crazy’ ideas as I have to think of my sales and try to create the designs that would sell. One day Lithuania will be ready and then I will unleash the beast of my designs.

Fashion Agency London
Tegul Bega
Fashion Agency London
Tegul Bega

Also, as a young designer, it is frustrating to see the copy-cats around, people I know. At first, it was a very stressful experience, now I started to take it as a compliment.

FB: How being a part of Fashion Bloc has benefited your brand or you personally, if at all?

Fashion Bloc expanded my knowledge. I got some useful advice about the media and communication. The DIY monthly is full of good info and useful contacts.

FB: How can you describe a fashion scene in Lithuania?

Personally, I think it is rather boring. Minimalism, dark colours and predictable styling; but I guess the supply meets the demand. Of course, like everywhere else the are nice exceptions. It’s nice to see that the scene is picking up and there are artists coming up that don’t try to conform to the current trends and create their own ideas and attitudes. In general, I am fascinated by the people that do not go after fans but instead create life-long style around their understanding of the world and their philosophy.

Fashion Agency London
Tegul bega

FB: What are your future plans?

I have new ideas for leggings that should come to live this autumn. I will continue trying to bring the brand into new markets other than Lithuania. Ideally, I would like to meet people who would want to join me in developing the brand further together. Everything else is in the hands of the destiny. I just know that if it will take me flying into space, I will do it!

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