There’s a 99% chance London Fashion Week is not for you

Or any fashion week from the big four. Well, I hope you know what the big four is, otherwise there is a 100% you are not ready.

In almost four years, I worked with almost 40 fashion designers from across Europe. Mostly, emerging fashion brands, often, from emerging Europe (aka former Eastern Bloc countries). In the last year, I have been involved in several projects with fashion design graduates and last year students in the UK universities. My point is, I have met a lot of young designers and have reviewed dozens of fashion brands.

Over 90% of the designers, brand managers and even future fashion label owners dream about being a part of the official London Fashion Week Schedule (Sometimes it’s Paris, sometimes it’s New York… Milan, maybe?). The problem is, almost the same percentage isn’t ready or simply can’t be at the London Fashion Week.

Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week AW2017 Fashion Agency London
Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week AW2017

At London Fashion Week or During?

There is a major difference between ‘at London Fashion Week’ and ‘during London Fashion Week’; the latter means the event takes place at the same time as LFW but has nothing to do with the official LFW.

London show Rooms are the only official designer trade show of London Fashion Week. At the same time, the international fashion trade show SCOOP takes place but the two are not related.


Eudon Choi at Designer Showrooms LFW Fashion Agency London
Eudon Choi at Designer Showrooms LFW

How to get into London Fashion Week?

British Fashion Council (the organiser of the LFW) has been supporting emerging talent in collaboration with EU, private sponsors and the Government. However, most of the platforms, funds and sponsorships are available to the UK based designers and brands only.

For example, Rock Vault (jewellery), Newgen (Womenswear, Menswear and Accessories), Headonism (millinery) – all available to the emerging British designers. Sponsorships such as Future British in collaboration with Boden or BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund are also for the UK based fashion design graduates or British designers.


Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week AW2017 Fashion Agency London
Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week AW2017

Even London show Rooms (Designer Showrooms) are reserved for the UK registered companies. There is a way to be in the Designer Showrooms – if represented by a UK based agency.

There are two other ways to be at the London Fashion Week. One is, to be a part of the International Fashion Showcase (hence, international). This is a showcase that has been popular among the Press (not so much the buyers) and is usually organised and sponsored by local institutions and non-gov organisations.

The second option, closest to the London Fashion Week – Fashion Scout event Ones to Watch. Fashion Scout, as the name implies, is an organisation scouting for emerging fashion talent. Their Ones to Watch catwalk takes place during fashion week and is usually popular with the press. The application process, however, can be daunting and the organisers might be very busy to even acknowledge the receipt of the application.


Natasha Zinko AW2017 at London Fashion Week Fashion Agency London
Natasha Zinko AW2017 at London Fashion Week

Different from Paris, or Milan, London is not popular with multiple multi-label showrooms across the city during LFW. There is no such tradition (or maybe there is no such are as Le Marais in Paris).

The bottom line is, choose your battle wisely and before dreaming big make sure that you are dreaming in a right city.