The Future of Fashion: 50 Shades of Nude or Fashion is for Everyone

Bezgraniz Couture SS17 at MBFW Russia Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Getty Image Fashion Agency London

Bags made of leftover orange peels, luxury watches with a brain of a smart watch, fully 3D printed Ready-to-Wear collections, a running shoe that will help you win a marathon…

Fashion clothes fashion bloc fashion agency london
Fashion clothes

This is the present of fashion. New technology and fashion innovation have been a field of interest for years now among the fashion investors, startups and leading global fashion brands. Combined with the sustainable objective, it will definitely lead to a better tomorrow. Or at least what I choose to think.

But what is the future of fashion? Or what is an ideal future of fashion that I would like to be a part of? The answer is simple – humanity. Let the robots make my shoes, as long as the production is sustainable, no humans or animals were hurt, the campaign is inclusive, I can wear them for years and they are made to recycle after their lifetime is over.

The future of fashion is diversity

“Most of you haven’t been to a catwalk show of a black designer who isn’t Kanye West”, Deray McKesson Black Lives Matter.

Fashion is far from being inclusive. Ordinary women and men are labelled as ‘plus size’ (is there a minus size, please?). The ‘nude’ is often still a colour in one shade. First of all ‘nude’ is not a colour and if there is such a colour, it will have at least 50 shades of it. Catwalks and Director level roles at the High-end fashion houses are dominated by white men. Models are 5’7 at least and UK size 8 at most. There is not much room for improvisation, right?

Bezgraniz Couture SS17 at MBFW Russia Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Getty Image Fashion Agency London
Bezgraniz Couture SS17 at MBFW Russia Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Getty Image

The future of fashion brings a universal truth ‘Fashion is for everyone‘. For black, olive, white, big, small, able and disabled, tall and short, men and women, Thailand and Taiwan, Texas and New York, Milan and Copenhagen. When we understand the importance of humanity, and the industry will follow. Fashion, at the end of the day, is a mirror of political and social realities. The change is happening.

There is more room for emerging designers, there is more trust in young talent, and the new blood will usually bring positive change.

The future of fashion is equality

Sounds like a utopia. Fashion without slavery, fashion without human rights violation, fashion that is responsible.

“How is it possible that the dress is cheaper than a sandwich?”, Li Edelkort for BoF VOICES.

Fair trade is one of the biggest unsolved issues of the often corrupt, greedy, and unstoppable fast fashion circle. People suffer and even die while manufacturing a pair of jeans you will wear for a year and then will through away. Contributing to the fact that fashion industry is the second largest pollutant.

Fashion Agency London

The biggest problem is, consumers don’t relate with garment industry workers as this seems something distant and less important than a satisfaction of buying a new dress. The only way to achieve equality in the fashion industry – become a conscious consumer that cares about the lives of the people on the other side of the thread. I wrote a lot about the fair trade fashion, modern slavery and what should we do to avoid being a part of this vicious circle.

The future of fashion is planet friendly

I am not saying nature friendly here as I know quite a lot of people that will automatically refuse the notion of eco fashion and would see it as a battle of the crazies (PETA and similar organisations are usually disliked by masses as they make it more difficult to enjoy fashion, thus it is easier to ignore them and label them as fanatics).

Patagonia Ad in London Fashion Agency London
Patagonia Ad in London

The future of fashion, however, is us trying to save the planet we live in. A sustainable manufacturing process is the first step. Enabled by technological innovations, the manufacturing process might be less harmful to nature, animals and humans involved. A sustainable supply chain is another step in the planet friendly fashion circle. Conscious consumerism is another largely important and often overlooked step (buying more than we need, dumping instead of recycling). Fashion circle continuity is a goal: make – use – remake –reuse.

In the future of fashion, fur will be banned as the oil powered cars, egzotique leather will be a shame (why would you kill a crocodile for pleasure?), not a sign of luxury, people involved in the industry will all earn a living wage, we will not buy more than we need and will have less but quality items will be a sign of conscious positive luxury. We will support independent fashion labels, we will see size 6 and size 14 on the covers of the fashion magazines, regularly. We will be able to wear designer clothes and high-street labels even if we don’t have the right hands to zip the ordinary zippers. We will always know who made our clothes, what materials are used to manufacture them and what is the quickest way to recycle our unwanted clothes.

This is the future of fashion in my ideal world.

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